Motorcycle Battery Charging-Dont Forget to Charge yours in Winter ?

Motorcycle battery charging

Important notice-Since writing this post the government changed their minds! Consequently, we can now send out batteries with acid packs. Importantly, AGM batteries have become more popular amongst motorcyclists. Of course this is better for us as AGM batteries are completely sealed and much better for sending out online. Varta batteries are a very popular choice of quality products.

hi there is new regulations about sending out ACID PACKS in the post from 1st of July 2018. So, at the moment we are trying to update all our products that include an acid pack ? We are only a small company so it will take some time to do. At the moment only people collecting batteries can buy a battery with an acid pack. The alternative is to buy an motorcycle AGM battery which are good to be sent out.

I am once again sorry about this but it is now a legal requirement. If we continue to send them out we are in danger of a hefty fine. However we are now looking at a sealing machine and then will be able to send the batteries out with the acid inside. Unfortunately, the sealing equipment would not seal the batteries . Therefore we are still looking for a solution to this problem. Eric Roberts MD

Motorcycle Battery Charging;Your motorcycle battery should not be neglected

This is the time of year that motorbike owners will be storing their motorbikes away for winter. So dont forget about your Motorcycle Battery Charging . Some motorbike riders will opt to carry on riding theirs even in the winter to get to work on. Specially in towns and cities where the roads are gritted and cleared of slush and snow pretty quickly.

In most of the country though bikers will store their bikes and use other forms of transport. Of course, for safety reasons. Also the dark nights come into the equation. It is less safe to ride motor cycles on the long winter dark nights than it is in summertime. Car drivers are the danger here, sometimes they just do not see bikers in the bad light?.

The over whelming number of bikers though. Consequently, store away their motorbikes in the winter period. One very important thing to think about, is what to do with your Motorcycle Battery Charging. Believe it or not thousands of bikers just leave their Motorbike Battery stood over the winter period without any form of charging or maintenance. The bike will generally be stored in a cold shed or garage .

Motorcycle Battery Charging

Cold weather has a very large impact on your batteries which can even freeze in a very cold winter, we were amazed a couple of year ago when the temperature dropped to minus 10 degrees just how many car and motorcycle batteries actually froze up. These lead acid batteries failed of course and this is what happens to one that is left un-charged in the winter months.

 How to store your motorcycle battery

 When you store your bike it is best to disconnect your battery and give it a good charge with a small battery charger. Naturally,  a 12 volt 4 amp charger should be good enough for a 12 volt one. You should then check the battery at least once a month. Recharging the battery when possible, also check the acid levels.

By doing this you ensure that when the spring comes and it is time to get the bike out again. Significantly, your bike will start first time and be in a healthy state. It is surprising how many bikers have to buy a new one at the beginning of a new season. Another good gadget now out on the market is an intelligent charger.

This is known as a “connect and forget” these are by “CTEK” and also “NUMAX” and are a good investment to keep your car or Motorcycle Battery Charging in tip top condition whatever the winter throws at us…

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