MOT Test Advisory-Should the British MOT TEST change the Advisory Rule giving less time?

 MOT Test Advisory

Parts of the MOT Test Advisory becoming out of date.

The MOT test was first introduced in 1960, (the year that my dear wife Michelle was born). Hence, the guy who started the whole MOT test scheme was a guy by the name of Ernest Marple’s . As a result, who was the  government transport minister. Consequently, he thought the need to have cars tested. Because of the fact that cars were getting faster and Britain was going through a phase of using road transport. Thus, instead of using the railway system, (that’s another story).

 MOT Test Advisory

Typical British vehicle testing Station sign.

MOT Test Advisory-New motorways were being build and it was felt a need to MOT test cars on a regular basis

Of course, the first testing was for cars that were ten years old . Subsequently, and then every ten years after that. As a result, this was thought to take in the really old cars. That were on Britain’s roads at the time. Also this would cover the newer models that were been made . Hence, in the resurgence of the new car industry. Of course,that was springing up all across Europe.

Things were gradually added to the original test. In 1968 car tyres were added to the MOT Rules. Followed in 1977 by many more things . Such as windscreen wipers and exhaust systems. All adding to make cars safer on the roads. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons that I think Americans . Were against the introduction of a compulsory MOT test.

MOT Test Advisory- We have introduced changes over a great length of time .

Hence, at a gradual pace. Although we did not like it at first. Motorists have gradually got used to the idea . Thus, now we actually embrace the idea. Because we have kept up to the pace . Including the very fast increase in the development of the modern car. In fact we are now seen as a role model for other countries. However, it is now rumored that the European Union in their wisdom. Are going to change the testing times from two years down to one year the same as the UK.

The present test now includes emission testing. As a result we need to rectify on-board warning lights . Such as air bag and emissions warning lights. Once again in my opinion we are keeping up with the car manufacturers . Including, all their new safety features. As a result, the recommended cost of an MOT Test in the UK is now £54.85. Because the scheme is run by private garage testing stations. Then the price is not mandatory. At Pellon Autocentre, we charge £39.90 at the moment. Which we think is a fair price for an hours labour. Thus, the scheme is also VAT free. The test is carried out after a car is three years old, then at annual periods after that.

MOT Test Advisory-My main concern About the MOT test at the moment is a tyre update ?

MOT Test Advisory

MOT Test Advisory European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although I am a great advocate in our UK system, I feel that the tyre rules in the Mot test are now becoming out of date. One of the things that our MOT testing system allows us to do is that if a part that we are testing is say on the border line, MOT Test Advisory,then the tester can pass the car and issue what we call an MOT Test Advisory notice to the cars owner, and the work should be carried out before the next test in a years time.

In my opinion I believe that this should not be allowed when tyres are concerned or perhaps steering parts. If a tyre is on the border line then the tester knows that in a few weeks time the tyre will become illegal. This will allow the car owner a years grace to replace the tyres, and in this day and age of faster motoring is not fair, to the other road users, because we know that people will try to get away with it, because they have an MOT test  pass certificate, and flaunt the tyre laws.

MOT Test Advisory

I think that if a tyre is on the border line, the MOT Test Advisory should only last one month before the tyres get changed, or we should now go for a new tread depth of 3 mm. Most tyre manufacturers stop their sipes ( small slits in the tyres to help get rid of surface water) short of 3 mm now making a car tyre bald once the tread has reached the 3 mm mark.

It would now be time to tighten the DVLA MOT Rules with a new tyre law, this will make the European roads even safer still.

Article written by Eric