MOT Stations Must Protest-Four-year MOT exemption for new cars proposed – BBC News

MOT Stations Must Protest

MOT Stations Must Protest

MOT Stations Must Protest

As the proud owner of an MOT testing station here in the UK. Then I must protest about these new proposals. I am sick of hearing about MP’s coming out with stupid ideas. The idea is that cars are now lasting longer. What a load of rubbish?

Tyres and brake parts do not last for four years. I think that the British MOT trade must protest. There must be a motoring body out there to represent us. Hence enabling us to launch a massive protest. Have our MP’s forgot about people power and Brexit? This would close many MOT centres down. Many of our businesses have been around for many years. Of course, not only that but what about all the money that we have had to pay out over the years. Especially, to keep up with the new directives and changes made over the years.

Really, where to these people get their ideas?

Many of our customers do not change their tyres and brakes unless the fail in the MOT test. Tyres and Brakes and lights do not last for 4 years, what a stupid thing to come with. Lets hope that we can get a protest together, before our politicians ruin another industry. The retail garage sector??

Eric Roberts

The time new cars are allowed on the road before being tested could rise under government proposals.

Source: Four-year MOT exemption for new cars proposed – BBC News