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MOT extension slammed- As ‘detrimental’ to the UK’s road safety

MOT extension slammed

MOT extension slammed

Extending the from three to four years is categorically unsafe!

Have actually remained in the motor repair profession for 40 years and also having multiple garages for the past 40. So, I have seen some wicked repair work and car repair failings. Majority being down to failing due to the lack lack of maintenance. So, leaving these to proceed for an additional year is going to result in more RTC’s (road traffic casualties) and also road related vehicle fatalities increasing.
I have seen vehicles coming in for the first a problem examination.  Where the back tracking arm mountings  have actually broken away ( body side).
In order to increase the examination to another year. So,would be extremely dangerous .

The mot examination should be left exactly how it is


Thousands of vehicle would just not be roadworthy. Especially if the “MOT Test” was to be extended in any way or form. In fact a year is just enough time to find dangerous mechanical problems on any older vehicles. Motorists are very reluctant to service their cars. So, opting for the psychic of leaving it until it breaks down. Importantly, the MOT Test finds thousands of problems that would not have been detected. Brakes are a perfect example. Brake pipes do eventually rot and require attention. Consequently, the pipes are hidden away! So if it was not for the annual test then rotting pipes would never be spotted/ So, leading to brake failure and probably a bad accident.

Another problem that we often encounter is worn out steering parts and broken suspension. Of the course the thought of any kind of extension to the cars having a annual MOT is beyond believe and frightens me to death!

However, governments do come up with stupid ideas ? Now we are looking at them scrapping all our cars and vans from diesel and petrol to electric ? The mind boggles lets hope the industry fights against this or we will all be out of work ?
Eric Roberts

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Source: MOT extension slammed as ‘detrimental’ to road safety

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