Mobility Scooter Battery-Driving about on your Mobility Scooter can be Dangerous? General Safety Advice.

Mobility Scooter Battery

Mobility Scooter Battery- and- General Safety Advice.

We have all seen the massive increase in mobility scooter ownership. Say over the past ten years or so. It is now a massive market place for the companies that sell the scooters. Including, the Mobility Scooter Batterycompanies who sell spare parts. Including consumables such as scooter batteries and scooter tyres.

In the past few years however safety organisations have become increasingly alarmed about the increase in accidents and general safety and looking after their scooters and equipment. Many minor accidents are reported and many are not reported, so that many accidents do not get into the statistics, probably only the serious ones are reported and are found out about.

One accident in particular comes to mind, that is the story about the lady and her mobility scooter that fell off the platform at Barnsley railway station, onto the track in front of an oncoming train. The lady came from nearby Monk Bretton and had to be airlifted by the air ambulance to hospital. This is one of the many accidents that are reported but many are not.

The most common incidents occur in shopping centres when shoppers are run over by these scooters. Because they are operated by mobility scooter AGM batteries, they are almost silent and some people cannot hear them coming from behind, some shoppers just walk out from a store, straight into the path of an oncoming scooter causing an accident.

Mobility Scooter Battery

Other probably more dangerous accidents occur on the roads. Where my garage is situated in Halifax. We are located on a fairly steep hill. On most days you will see elderly or disabled people on their scooters. Driving down the hill as fast as they can go. Also, we are situated on a set of traffic lights. Subsequently,the scooter users hardly ever stop at the red light. Either when they are on the road or on the pavement. How there has not been a bad accident I will never know?

Here in the UK we are starting to realize that  Mobility Scooter drivers should be made aware of the danger’s. So, and be more aware of the problems that they could face. Thus, when they are on a trip out. Especially now that spring is around the corner and the scooter owners will have a better chance of getting out and about.

As a side note scooter owners should check their AGM Batteries . Hence,mobility scooter, batteryfor charge and the general condition. Before they venture out. If you are not sure about the condition of their 12 Volt Battery . Consequently, they are better replaced. So that you can carry out the journey without running out of power. So,struggling to get home. It is well worth investing in new mobility scooter batteries every two years.

Mobility scooter battery and tyre advise are launching a wealth of free advice to increase the safety of scooter riders when they are out on the road. The campaign will be known as the “PACT” and I believe that a mobility scooter driver awareness course was also started off in Norfolk. More reading…

Although these scooters are easy to drive, the problem arises because of the lack of knowledge that the scooter drivers have when driving on the roads. In fact many of these drivers have never driven a car before and know nothing about road safety or the Highway Code.

Tyresafe have moved into give the scooter driver’s advice on their tyres. They have started off by recommending that their tyres should be checked at least three times a week. The scooters handbook will give the correct pressure. Just like car tyres it is very important to put the correct pressures into the tyres, if the pressures are too low then the scooter will be unstable and would swerve and also wear out the tyres tread and as a I have seen first-hand, the tyres will blowout, causing the scooter to become stranded with a flat and damaged tyre, so it is most important to check your tyre pressures and if you are disabled ask an able bodied person to help you, you can also drive or take your scooter to your local tyre centre who would only be too pleased to check your tyres for FREE.

Mobility Scooter Battery

Finally, to ensure proper grip, especially in wet conditions, riders should check that their tyres have sufficient tread depth. Scooters with less than 50cc need to have all of the grooves of the original tread pattern visible whereas those over 50cc must have at least 1mm of tread depth across the central three quarters of the tyre with visible tread on the remaining mobility scooter, batteryquarter…

In my opinion courses for mobility scooter drivers will become more available across the UK. If you see of one then you would be advised to join the course to make our roads and pathways a safer place for all road users and pedestrians.

Eric Roberts