Micro Wave Technology-“Massive Breakthrough” New System for Breaking Down”WASTE TYRES”

Micro Wave Technology

Micro Wave Technology

Environmental Waste International INC Micro Wave Technology waste tyres

Incredibly, a huge breakthrough from a Canadian Waste Tyres  company will become a further step forward. Of course, towards the total problem of waste tyres.

So, the company uses Micro wave technology. So, to break down the different components that make up a tyre. The process pulls apart the molecular construction of tyre by using Micro Wave Technology which turn the tyres back to the original components, these are steel chords and belts, oil (a large component of a tyre) carbon black and other hydrocarbons

The president of EWI said,”The components you get out of it, the carbon black and the oil, are very high quality.” The company are making the Micro Wave Technology processing machines to sell all over the World and are targeting companies in South Africa,South America,Asia and Europe.

 Micro Wave Technology

Scrap tyres dumped like this may soon be a thing of the past due to Micro Wave technology

The Micro Wave Technology has taken over 20 years to develop

So, with an investment of over $40 million, a further $8 million has been invested in a new plant near Ontario (Canada), which will be expected to process over 300,000 waste tyres per- annum,and will be run by only 15 members of staff.

This plant will be the only re-cycling waste tyre plant in the World to see a full waste tyre going and coming out at the other end as a by-product, this will be a great step in the right direction and lets hope that the machine and plant will be bought by a British company and used here to help solve the problem of waste tyres.

Significantly, the normal way of processing waste tyres is to turn them into rubber crumbs. So, they are then turned into other products such as rubber floor tiles. Including, playground materials, but the new method eliminates this process saving up to $3 a tyre in the processing cost. 

Waste tyres have always been a problem

This new Micro Wave Technology waste tyre processing system looks a winner to me. Of course, and it shows the great move forward that we are making to solve the huge problem of waste tyres. The last article I wrote was about the use of waste tyres for making tarmac on road construction and I thought that that was pretty awesome, but this new system from Canada will be mind blowing and go a long way in re-processing waste tyres, perhaps we will be lucky enough to see the end of piles of scrap tyres cluttering the countryside and tyre dumping in our towns.

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