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Michelin Star Awarded-‘Don’t they sell tyres?’: Thai street food chef on life with a Michelin star | World news | The Guardian

Michelin Star Awarded

Michelin Star Awarded

Jay Fai’s shophouse is doing a roaring trade

Michelin Star Awarded

This attached article has a special meaning for me. Not just because we sell Michelin Tyres, but we are regular visitors to the “Star Inn” a Michelin one star restaurant in North Yorkshire. Whenever I see an associated article then I tend to cover the story. As in this case?

As a result then the Michelin guide carries more listings than any other food guide. Depending upon its extensive scheme of symbols the guide will explain every establishment in just two lines. The best thing about Michelin guide . So, is that it claims to visit the listed establishments once in every 18 months. Hence, on an average to ensure that a restaurant maintains its standard and keeps the rating updated.

Of course, as an excellent chef you must strive to know the recipes of a variety of dishes. The sign of a quality chef, if you wish to make a mark in the culinary world. Then you must aim to win a Michelin Star awarded by The Michelin Guide. Indeed the Star In has never let us down. I am no food expert but the flavours are out of this world. All the food is sourced locally in the area of North Yorkshire including sea food from the Yorkshire coast.

Michelin Star Awarded

Michelin Star Awarded

Star Inn Harome near Helmsley in North Yorkshire

As a result this lady selling “street food” must have to adhere to the same rules and regulations as the Star Inn. The Michelin Red Guide is a series of the annual guidebooks that is among the oldest and most popular European and worldwide restaurant and hotel guides. They also publish green guides for tourism and travel.

The Michelin star awards are honored to the restaurants that offer finest food without considering the cuisine style. Michelin stars account only for the food served on the plate. Other attributes including the ambiance and look of the restaurant do not play much importance in deciding the final ranking . Although in my opinion one usually follows the other.

Wherever you are in the world you must try and seek out a Michelin star restaurant. It is a great experience and not much more expensive for the quality of food and drinks.

Eric Roberts

Jay Fai’s shop-house is doing a roaring trade as tourists arrive to snap photos and wait half a day for a table

Source: ‘Don’t they sell tyres?’: Thai street food chef on life with a Michelin star | World news | The Guardian