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Michelin Pilot Sports For BMW
michelin pilot sports

Official tyre supplier for BMW’s new M3 and M4, marking the latest stage in a long and fruitful relationship


The French tyre makers are becoming the dominant force to contend with in the best tyre company in the world, and are constantly coming up with more and more accolades in the motoring world including the announcement that BMW are to use Michelin’s on their new M3 and M4 ranges.

Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres for the new BMW M3 and M4

I seem to doing lots of writing about the Michelin tyres products of late, but they do seem to be the tyre world’s most active manufacturers of late. The giant French tyre company are attacking all sides of the car industry with their involvement in motorsport on the rise and them the development of their Michelin Pilot Sports series of tyres that are aimed at the very fast and sporty cars, such as these BMW’s.

The BMW logo is that their cars are the “ultimate driving machines” and in their opinion by fitting the Michelin Pilot Super Sports tyres they will indeed be fitting the ultimate tyre for the new BMW range.

This is nothing new as the two giants of the auto industry have worked together for over 30 years

So,starting in the 1980’s when Michelin tyres were fitted to the M5 range, and have developed tyre products to match the handling and performance of the M range of cars right up to the point of the Michelin Pilot Super Sports, that will be used on the new M3 and M4 range.

As I have written on many occasions, I was brought up in the tyre trade as a Goodyear man, but over the years I have begun to realise that Michelin tyres were always a bit more Michelin Pilot Sports expensive to buy for a reason and that reason was the quality of their products, I can honestly say that I have only ever seen one suspected faulty tyre in my whole 40 years as a tyre retailer, which is a great endorsement for Michelin tyres.

Michelin are also at the forefront of developing new types of organic chemicals to add to their compounds. This is known as “Bi-Compound “ technology, similar to the “dandelion latex” that Continental tyres are developing, a kind of latex that has the same molecular construction as rubber latex, that has been used to make rubber tyre compounds for over a century.

Special materials for BMW s

These different materials that are used have helped the tyre companies develop tyres will give better control and handling when used on the motorsport circuits or when fitted to the very fast sport saloons and coupes that are produced today and the Michelin Pilot Sport tyres are no exception, offering BMW with all these qualities, whether they are driving on normal roads or on a race circuit, where speed is of the essence.

The new tyres are to be brought out on both 18 inch and 19 inch tyre sizes as BMW original equipment. Here in Halifax Yorkshire UK we do have a customer who no doubt will be buying one of these BMW cars, as he is a BMW fanatic and loves going on race days to prove his driving skills. The guy is also an avid fan of Michelin tyres and so I cannot wait to see what he does and so that I can take some pictures for my articles.

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