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Michelin Cross climate short test

Michelin Cross climate short test

Of course, by getting the correct tyres for your car means you get a better performance out of it. Specifically, with hundreds of different patterns to choose from how do you know which ones are the best for you?

Choosing the correct tyres mean that you should choose a top performer. Including a tyre from Continental, the Conti Cross Contact LX 2   .Performing well in all areas of the independent tyre tests. Of course, which included handling and breaking on dry and wet roads. Including, rolling and aquaplaning resistance, (the power needed to turn the tyre).

Naturally, the other top tyres came from manufacturers Michelin, with their Cross Climate all-weather tyresGoodyear and Dunlop with some tyres performing better in wet conditions than others. Amongst the worst performers’ where offerings from manufactures Runway and Maxxis. Subsequently, all tyres tested performed well in one or more areas of the tests.

Winter tyre tests

In the test of winter tyres however it was Goodyear that came out on top with their winter tyre Ultragrip 8. Of the all-round tyres which you can use both in summer and winter the Vredestein’s Quatrac impressed the test panel the most. Pure summer tyres where proven to perform badly in wintry conditions.

Price wise, all-season tyres cost a fraction more than pure summer tyres do while winter specific tyres cost around ₤ 30-40 more. If the recent English winters with snow and ice continue it might be worth investing either considering in winter specific tyres or to fit the car with all-season tyres.

An online magazine recently tested tyres from 12 different brands covering anything from the premium to the budget and suitable for all cars from family hatchbacks to a new Rolls-Royce.

A good video about the very popular CrossClimate by Michelin. This is different to an all-weather tyre. Hence, Michelin say it is a summer tyre with winter tyre capabilities. Thus, the CrossClimate is well worth a try.

Michelin Cross climate short test

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