Michelin Bikes radial tyres-have been developed for superbikes

Michelin Bikes radial tyres

NEW DELHI: Michelin Bikes radial tyres-French tyre major Michelin tyres is looking to have a bigger play in the Indian two-wheeler market for which it is expanding its product portfolio.



Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Michelin tyres are always at the frontier of tyre development now the Michelin Bikes radial tyres.

The development of these Michelin Bikes radial tyres. So, event does not surprise me in the least. In all my years in the tyre trade.   Michelin tyres have been at the forefront of tyre development. The main goal of the tyre manufacturers at the moment. Of course, is to produce tyres that are much lighter and at the same time use new materials that make the products more environmentally friendly.

The main goal is to reduce the rolling resistance of tyres in general. This means that energy needed to move a car forward is reduced, this makes the car more fuel efficient,

Michelin Bikes radial tyres

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due to the design and construction of the tyres and this together with other  factors in a cars design makes the car far more fuel efficient and there for greener in the eyes of the consumer.

Developing new tyres

All this new development is carried out by working together with car manufacturers to develop a tyre that is best suited to the car that is been designed. This is one of the reasons that of late cars a coming onto the market with different sizes and aspect ratios than ever before, in my opinion making the job for us as tyre retailers much more interesting.

The giant French company has also being busy developing other tyre products such as a new run-flat tyre for cars. This is known as the zero pressure tyre or the ZP. It is different to the other makes of run-flat tyres because it drives with the same characteristics as a normal radial tyre. The other makes of run-flat tyres are a very hard ride, due to the very stiff re-enforced sidewalls, but the new Michelin Bikes radial tyres have used different compounds and are a normal ride compared to other makes of tyres.

Eric Roberts

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