Marshal Tyres-A Good Mid-Range Tyre But they are exactly the same as a Kumho tyre

Marshal Tyres are made by Kumho tyres in South Korea

With the huge amount of tyre manufacturer’s names of brands out in the market place it is easy to understand how the average motorist knows what to buy. For example many of the leading brands such as Michelin Tyres UK own lesser known tyre labels that are sold by some companies as Michelin. The brand I am thinking about is Kormoran tyres, which are owned by Michelin tyres, but they are in fact an economy brand but are sold , as I say as Michelin’s.

Another example is a tyre that is made by Continental tyres, the Semperit  tyre , when I used to be a Semperit dealer we used to call them,”Semperit made by Continental” but we were stretching the truth a little, Semperit were  not as good a product as Continental. The complicated list goes on and on and the tyre buying public were no wiser. There were many examples of this in the seventies and Eighties, the large tyre conglomerates buying smaller tyre companies out and using them as a second -cheap economy tyre brand -.

We then started to move onto a more global market with tyre companies starting out in other parts of the World, especially in the Far-East. Countries such as South Korea were starting to produce good quality tyres and had big expansion plans, backed by the USA. One such company was Samyang Tyres who started off making twenty tyres a day in a very primitive plant with backward technology. After  a struggle and huge improvements in the next ten years they were able to acquire the KS mark standard and export tyres to East Asia for the first time.

The Korean government were involved in a massive reconstruction of their country to enable them to make better products to export round the World. The Kumho name was born and money was poured into a brand new plant in Kwangju. The company then made ties with Uniroyal tyres in America and gained their technology, before been able to enter the global market place . The Kumho tyre brand was soon to be recognised all over the World.

Despite the difficulties of the 1974 oil crisis Kumho tyres were to become a brand leader and in 1977 the tyre plant in Songjung was expanded, Kumho became a brand leader after striving to improve the quality of its tyres. In the 80’s and 90’s Kumho went from strength to strength, building new tyre factories in China and Vietnam.

Marshal tyres brand name used in the USA.

The Marshal tyres brand name has always been used for the North American market, as it was thought to have a more tyre user friendly name, but both Marshal and Kumho is exactly the same product. Another tyre brand name is now getting popular in the UK, and is made by Kumho known as Admiral tyres. This brand is known as an economy brand, where the Marshal tyres and Kumho are known as mid-range brands, although Kumho are now coming out on some Mercedes models as original equipment, a great stamp of approval for the Korean tyre makers. These new tyre brands are the ones to beat for price and quality.marshal tyres

 Article written by Eric Robertswww.mot-halifax

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marshal tyres

The Marshal tyres brand name has always been used for the North American market, as it was thought to have a more tyre user friendly name, but both Marshal and Kumho is exactly the same product