Main Dealers-Independent Garage- Which type of garage do you find the BEST VALUE ?

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

This argument has been a long standing “bee in my bonnet”. Hence, from the normally large premises. Thus, lit up at night with all the best lighting and signage. In general main dealer garages have many more larger overheads than the Indi garage. As a result, prices are bound to be more expensive and repairs to your cars will be higher priced.

The guys that run the main dealer garages, then they are usually tough guys. You have to be tough to survive when selling a certain brand of car? Most of their wages are topped up with bonus schemes. Of course, this means that the “hard sell” could be more imminent. I must emphasise hear that not all main dealer garages are the same and I am writing generally and not about any specific garage.

So the fact that I have worked in the auto industry for forty years should give me a reason for making a opinion.Especially, when it comes to people’s complaints about service and repair costs (after their car had just had a service at a main dealer). The latest one that I witnessed.Came from a customers comment on the

Main Dealers-Independent Garage

This guy had problems with his Ford Kuga.

I have a 2011 kuga in September last year my engine light came on went into limp mode I took it to an local garage that did a diagnostic tests and shown it needed a DPF regeneration.
Unfortunately he couldn’t do it as the software that was on the Ford had to be done by a Ford dealer. I tried another garage told them the situation and they had all the latest version of software and it still wouldn’t let him do the regeneration. No charge on both diagnostic
So of to ford we.went.
They charged me over £400 to supply and fit a new DPF sensor £50 from a dealer.
I’ve recently had the engine light on again and it’s gone into limp.mode.
I phone ford and told them I want it looked at and guys what they want to charge me. Could this be the same problem again ?

After reading this you will see that the main dealer in this case Ford. Once again, the guy in implicating a bad deal from Ford? I am not sure? All you have to remember is that the main dealer garages have larger overheads than the Indi garages. Indies are normally a family business and in my case carry high moral values. As a result, I think that most other Indie garages will give a truthful balanced opinion regarding your car’s welfare.

Eric Roberts