Light Bulbs-Make sure that it won’t cost the earth to fit a new one, especially Renaults?

As a member of the Unipart Car Care Scheme (UCCC) we occasionally add some offers to our already competitive repair and car servicing prices.

Your cars light bulbs are very important especially in winter time when the hours of darkness are very long.

How often do we see car driving along with one headlight missing?

In fact in some countries it is a legal requirement to carry a spare set of light bulbs in your car. the Unipart bulb offer, will give you the peace of mind, that you are carrying a spare set.

One drawback to this though, is that not all light bulbs are easy to fit in some modern cars?

On certain models we have to remove whole parts of the cars to get at a light bulb and change it.

light bulbs

A selection of popular light bulbs

Some BMW models have their side light located inside the headlight unit; these are known as “angel eye “bulbs.

Also some Renault models. Such as the Megane 11 are located under the wheel arch. The bulb is accessed through a very small hole. Because the bulb is a twist fit then it is very difficult to fit. Another Renault model is the Twingo. You have to remove the bumper on this model to access the light bulbs and change them. Another Renault with light bulb fitting difficulties is the” Modus”.

Light Bulbs

In fact one of our customers was quoted £150 to fit a Modus light bulb, WOW.

It has become a major problem for garages and motoring organisations. Such as the RAC and AA here in the UK. In fact The AA’s Chris Patience said: “We have highlighted the problem with the industry at European level. It does seem daft that motorists should be required to carry bulbs. In many countries even though they may not be able to fit them at the roadside if a bulb fails.”

If a customer has any difficulties then we will always help them and even fit the bulbs if required by the customer.

We do have to charge a fee for fitting difficult bulbs, but as an independent garage we try to be as fair as we can and just charge an hourly rate and the price of the bulb.

Eric Roberts