Lane departure warning Device-Explained-By the Excellent Car Advice-from CarsGuide

Lane departure warning Device

Lane departure warning Device


The technology behind lane guidance systems should have even the biggest non-believers ready to welcome our robot overlords.

Lane departure warning Device

This is another great article from CarsGuide, As usual, I like to add my opinion. One thing that did hit me in the face. Hence, the poor condition that the white lines are in?.Especially, when driving on the Continent . As a result, I drive in France a few times a year. French roads are not very well equipped with good white line markings.

Accordingly, then I think the UK has pretty good road markings. Also here in the UK, we were the first to supply drivers with traffic lane guidance. Albeit not by using modern electrics. I am of course talking about “cats eyes”. The reflective glass balls that we use on our roads. These were invented  in Halifax UK, by Percy Shaw. 

These cats eyes and serrated lines have helped drivers from straying lanes. However, Japanese car maker Mitsubishi, invented a camera operated system. Therefore, this system could alert driver when it drifted out of the lane. Thus, the system was first introduced on the Australian “Debonair” model. Because the system became very popular. Then many of Australian cars now have similar systems on today’s car models.

I do wonder about the fact of the lane departure advice may be a fore runner for the driverless car?. Perhaps so?

Eric Roberts.

Source: Lane departure warning explained – Car Advice | CarsGuide