Kumho Tyres Brief History-Now a popular mid range tyres, with big ambitions

Kumho Tyres Brief History; a humble beginning.

Kumho tyres brief history

Kumho tyre refreshment post at Croft race course

Your car tyres are perhaps one of the most important of your car. It makes no difference which engine or braking system that is in your car, it will not go anywhere without wheels and more importantly TYRES.

Over the years that I have been involved with tyres there appears to have been little change in their development, a tyre has always looked the same to most people they are just round and black, and you will spend hours trying to buy the ones for your car at the cheapest price possible. That’s how it has always been,( no change there).

However the last 20 years have seen massive improvements in the development of the humble car tyre. Most of the tyre companies have been around for ever, your Michelin tyres,Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear have all been with us for years. But in recent times a new guy on the block has been making head ways into the tyre market, “Kumho tyres”

The new force in the tyre market is the Kumho Asiana Group from Gwangju in South Korea. Kumho Tyres Brief History started out life as Sam-yang tyres in 1960(the year when my dear wife was born) and began by making about 20 tyres a day making low quality budget tyres. The turning point in the companies fortune came when Sam-yang bought a company called K S Mark and production started in East Asia.

After the Korean war at the end of the sixties the Korean government were to help Kumho tyres rebuild their infrastructure and a the present day factory was built in Kwangju and were able to build a rapport with American tyre companies. This helped Kumho tyres brief history to take a leap in technology and very soon began to spread its wings into the World market place with much improved products.

Kumho tyres brief history

Kumho tyres brief history;Kumho tyres BMW racing

The 1980s and 90 s brought steady growth with interruptions coming from their own government and factory strikes. Kumho then started to develop new tyre products including aircraft tyres, but they also started making new car tyres and tyres for racing cars and at the beginning of 2000 were the 9th largest tyre company in the World.

Kumho tyres open in the USA

New factories were being build especially in the USA, the one in Georgia costing over $225 million to build. This put the company on the road to success and by 2010 Kumho won the accolade of becoming the “Tyre manufacturing and Style Innovation of the year award”. Kumho tyres are now up there amongst the leading tyre makers on the Planet and we at Pellon tyres are proud to support them here in Halifax UK.

Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles. We are members of Unipart Car Care centres and give a nationwide guarantee for all our work and parts. We also sell tyres online from our website www.pellonautocentre.com by using the tyre selector and choosing your tyre size. We offer courtesy cars to local motorists who need to go to work and leave their car with us for work doing. We are also an official MOT testing station and are members of Motor-codes, who carry out checks for high standard of equipment and workmanship.

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