Johnson Controls AGM-Brings AGM Battery Technology to North America

Post Updated 2nd Jan 2014

Johnson Controls AGM;AGM batteries are made from the addition of “Absorbed Glass Matting” to the lead acid.

Johnson Controls AGM

Johnson Controls AGM

This battery technology is used widely in Europe for Mobility vehicles and golf buggy applications These batteries are sealed and do not leak, giving the batteries a safer environment if they are involved in an accident. They are now been used in the new “Stop Start” technology coming into the market in Europe, on cars such as BMW. When the car stops say at a red light then the engine stops when the accelerator is pressed to start the car the engine restarts.Another advantage with the Johnson Controls AGM batteries is that they can be discharged to a lower state and will still retain the power required to re-start a car combustion engine. These batteries will be coming more popular in the next few years, and you can see more about this subject in the excellent article bellow. (AMN)Johnson Controls Brings AGM Batteries Technology to North America.

“America Aftermarket (AMN) Johnson Controls AGM, Brings AGM Battery Technology to North America According to Mike Carr, vice president and general manager North…”There are several benefits in opting for AGM batteries over conventional batteries, including longer life in demanding applications (such as today’s vehicles with an ever-increasing level of electronic content), as well as being completely spill-proof and maintenance free. The AGM batteries can last up to two times as long as conventional batteries, according to Lisa Franklin, director AGM product and market development”… the author of this post is Amy Antenora.

Johnson Controls AGM

Johnson Controls AGM;Lithium-Ion battery unit

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