Icon Tyres-ROAD SAFETY BREAKTHROUGH-Canada come up with COLOUR MARKING Tread Wear Indicators.

 This is a move further on towards greater road safety from Icon Tyres

This is great news for me as I am one of those tyre guys who strongly advocate the addition of a coloured belt, that shows up when a tyre has reached its safety limit.

As a tyre dealer for almost 40 years offering Cheap Tyres Online, I am keen to interact with other professionals in the tyre industry and I am now a busy member of

icon tyres

Tyre showing a red colour as the tyre wears down to the tread indicators from Icon Tyres

tyre groups in Linked-in. I find that I can interact with other business owners that are in the same field of business and I am no longer just a tyre retailer stuck out in little old Halifax here in the UK.

One of my main aims is to try and help make the tyre industry a more safe environment for the every day car owner. Safer tyres are an essential part of modern motoring and a greener World, so whenever I hear about anything to do with tyres and tyre safety I try to report it on my Blog.

It alarms me when in recent times the tyre industry has sat back a little and standards in my opinion have slipped as regarding motorists fitting Part Worn tyres, when Cheap new car Tyres are more cost effective, that do not come under any tyre laws and have not been tested or checked out, just sold to the hard up motorists, who do not know any better. However I do see a light at the end of the tunnel, in the form of an organisation known as TYRESAFE.org. The public can log in to see what the latest tyre safety news is and also get other useful information from this excellent site.

Going back to my Blog about a coloured tyre belt to indicate when a tyre was down to the legal limit. I think that this would be one of the safest things in the tyre World to ever come out. Some respondents to my Blog said that it could not be done because the colours would run during the heat of the vulcanisation process and some other reasons, but I have received an email from Icon Tyres in Canada, that have invented such a system that is built into their tyres.

Icon Tyres have built in safety colours that work icon tyres

I received an email this morning from a Pat OBrien who is the owner of Icon Tyres,

Eric, my name is Pat O’Brien, and I own Icon Tyres (www.icontire.com). We currently offer tires with colored indication. I am the owner and developer of the technology. Our product initially developed tires that used laminated colored rubber to change the color of the tire, but found that cost to control rubber flow during the cure process was too high from a materials and equipment investment.
To address these obstacles, Icon Tyres uses a post cure method of putting “Visual Tire Performance Indicators” in our tires. With small modifications to tire molds, this concept can be used in any manufacturing process without impacting tire performance. Our indicators use a three color method to identify performance loss as the tire wears and empowers the consumer to make sound decisions regarding tire maintenance and replacement.”,
If you have any questions please contact me.

By Pat O’Brien

I was completely amazed when I went onto the web-site and saw the Icon Tyres product. This idea should be taken up by all the major tyre companies and in my opinion would be a massive breakthrough towards a better future, I know that other people will be interested in this and I wish Pat all the luck in the World in his future plans. Unfortunately there does not seam to be any further progress to market this great technology, I wonder why the tyre companies are shying away?

Please take a look at their Website  Eric Roberts…www.pellonautocentre.com

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