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Hydrogen Fuel Coming Closer

hydrogen fuel coming closer

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Voice of America Hydrogen Fuel Coming Closer to Reality Voice of America With the new method, the amount of hydrogen produced for fuel cells 

With the recent news on Honda’s plans to produce its own hydrogen fuel cell car. Of course then car drivers around the world. Thus, are curious about this “newfound” fuel technology for cars. As a result, a hydrogen fuel cell consists of a conversion kit. carrying out an electrolysis process on plain water, Hence, to produce a gas called Hydroxy (which is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen). Of course,it may still be a while before hydrogen fuel cell cars roll out from the production line.

With 30 years’ work invested in hydrogen technology. Honda believes it’s the leader in the field. The new concept model is called the Clarity. Production cars aren’t widely available at the moment. At least,not enough of them. Surprisingly, the daily production output of the Clarity pilot plant in Japan is just three cars. Subsequently, they’re all going to places with more established infrastructure. Not surprisingly, with interest in this type of motoring. Of course places like Germany, Denmark, California and Japan. Not the UK I hasten to add.

Hydrogen Fuel Coming Closer

Of course, there are a lot of sources for hydrogen. Meaning depletion may not be a problem. Hydrogen can actually be produced from natural gas, oil, carbon. So and can even be produced from waste. Wind, sunlight and water can also be used in producing the element hydrogen. Of course, for the hydrogen fuel cell technology that can be used for cars.

Of course, efficiency is another advantage of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Hydrogen is found out to be an efficient source of fuel. Allowing your car to travel far distances with the same amount of fuel from petrol.

If you are one of the many.Hence, who think that cars powered by hydrogen fuel cell . Can be a great alternative? then you may want to learn and know what advantages this will give you.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology. So, has become one of the environment-friendly alternatives. of course, that many companies and individuals have explored. Thus, to put in place of the existing fuel. Which will face depletion of its sources in the future. Consequently, the world will run out of fossil fuels. Now of course, existing fuel sources are even contributing to the world’s pollution problems. This is an issue that hydrogen fuel cell technology can address.

Many millions of drivers are now  interested in using this new technology in running their car. Therefore,it is important that we learn everything about the technology. You can also get your car converted into something that can use hydrogen fuel cell technology. Cars like the Honda Clarity that are as hydrogen powered still cost a lot. Consequently are out of financial reach of most drivers.

Hydrogen Fuel Coming Closer

Hydrogen Fuel Coming Closer

Hydrogen fuel, does not contribute to air pollution. Probably one of the biggest advantages. Hence, of having your car run in hydrogen fuel. Of course, is the fact hydrogen is a clean source of energy. Not giving off emissions that can contribute big time to air pollution. This is one of the biggest things that also make this technology very appealing. Subsequently, as hydrogen cars grow in number. Then this will improve the quality of air that we have today.

As I have mentioned earlier, the technology is fairly new. One downside of this technology is that, the first cars will cost you. But of course, with its efficiency and being environmentally friendly. You will be actually get more than you pay for with cleaner air quality.

To conclude,one of the biggest advantages of having your car run in hydrogen fuel. So, is the fact hydrogen is a clean source of energy. Not giving off emissions that can contribute to air pollution. Sunlight, water and wind can also be used in producing the element hydrogen for the hydrogen fuel cell technology that can be used for cars.

EV cars are looking likely to be the greener option winners. In my humble opinion though, the way forward will be the “Hybrid” cars. having a mixture of an electric drive train and a conventional petrol engine. Starting the day off with a lead acid car battery.

Eric Roberts