Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology-Hawaii Is Building Its First Public Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Station

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Of course, this is just another article about the battle of the technologies. Hence, about who wins the race for a better and greener fuel for the cars of the future. My difficulty when talking about with talking about alternative fuels. Of course is that it is usually impossible to make genuine comparisons. Thus, between how  effective one fuel system is against another fuel system. Thus,regarding  different car makers technologies.

Certainly, in my opinion then the hybrid car is at the forefront. cars such as the Nissan leaf are forging ahead. I was thinking that with all the new engine technology that went in to the regular diesel car. Then the diesel may come out a winner. Especially when governments were telling us “how good diesel cars were for the environment”.

Of course, all this went down with a crash when they found that certain car makers were “fiddling” with the emission figures. I used to think it strange when I saw big puffs of black smoke coming out of the exhausts of diesel cars.

As different car manufacturers went their own way it is clear to see gaps opening up. Especially, regarding different methods of a new powertrain to replace the gasoline engined cars. The EV vehicles with there large battery packs are in strong contention. This technology is ploughing on, however I fail to get my head round some of the future scenarios.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Such as charging stations? I just fail to see the millions of these electric cars on our roads. The charging infrastructure would have to be vast? For this reason I just ca not imagine 1000’s of cars wanting to charge their batteries at the same time. Also when they all get home from work and plug their cars into the grid system. Then surely the amount of electric required would drain the grid system?

The way I see it then the hydrogen car works as such. When the hydrogen car is driving at high speeds. Then the electricity which the car produces will power the electric motor directly. Subsequently not stored in the cars battery. it looks to me to be a similar idea to any hybrid car. The difference been that an hydrogen system is used and not a standard petrol engine.

of course, the hydrogen model will be much more environmentally friendly only omitting water. hence from the cars exhaust system. Like the petrol hybrid both parts of the drive system will work together. Especially during heavy acceleration.

Also like the petrol engined car then the hydrogen car has filler and a storage tank system. Of course, the likeness stops there though. Hydrogen is very volatile and has to be pressurised. because of this the tank can be filled in minutes. Without being too technical (because I am not) the hydrogen is then passed through a fuel cell stack. Naturally this produces electricity which then supplies the motor and the batteries.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology comes to Hawaii

The stack is a bit complicated to me? consequently the atoms from the hydrogen will split into electrons and protons when they enter the fuel cell stack. the electrons are fed into the cars battery leaving the protons to mix with air to produce water vapour. Therefore the electrons are the ones that power the vehicle via the battery.

Although hydrogen cars are behind at the moment then a network of filling stations are been set up at the moment. Similar to the LPG gas at the regular filling stations. As a result, this is the first one to be built in Hawaii.

“I really do see today’s event as the beginning of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Hawaii,” Gov. David Ige says at groundbreaking.

Source: Hawaii Is Building Its First Public Hydrogen Vehicle Fueling Station