Hydrogen Cell car-to be Ready in Two Years and Will Compete with Battery Electric Cars.

 Hydrogen Cell car to be Ready in Two Years

This is something that I have been writing about for a while now; the Toyota prototype has been unveiled to journalists from around the world. Toyota is expected to put this new technology vehicle a Hydrogen Cell car on sale in two years’ time.

Hydrogen Cell car

Hydrogen filling stations will be a common site on our forecourts in the near future along with other types of fuel ready for the Hydrogen Cell car

The new vehicle will be expected to be based on the Lexus HS a former Hybrid model week after Toyota confirmed aHydrogen Cell car project; this new Lexus  HS was seen being tested  in the heat of Death Valley, USA. One of the hottest places on earth. The car was also seen filling up from a re-fueling type truck which was heavily marked “HYDROGEN” , this now looks as if Toyota are well on their way in the development of this huge change in vehicle technology and totally opposite to the other car manufacturers, who are heading down the road of new car battery technology.


This new Hydrogen Cell car has already been driven by a few privileged motor journalists and the new Hydrogen Cell car has been given the thumbs up for the way that the vehicle handles, mainly due to the huge torque of the cars electric motors. Other  manufacturers are complaining that the use of this gas is not as green as the battery powered cars, mainly because the gas used in these cars is produced from natural gas, but you could argue that the electricity used to charge the battery cars is not green really because the electricity that recharges the hybrids batteries comes from dirty power stations using fossil fuels to make the electricity.

Surprisingly Toyota was not the first to use Hydrogen Cell car technology. The first car maker was their rivals Honda. In fact Honda developed a car based on the Honda FX as far back as 2008, 5 years ago. It is believed that Honda did not pursue with the project because there were no Hydrogen Cell car filling stations around at the time, and only 50 cars were built.

To service the gas driven cars there is already a network of  filling stations being built in Europe including the UK, where it is thought that deals have been struck with the large supermarket chains, to supply a pump on their fuel service forecourts. This and the addition of some new filling stations in London and hundred to be built in Germany will be music to the ears of Toyota, who I suspect will already know about these developments. 

All to be revealed at the Tokyo car show.

To conclude Toyota are planning to produce 10000 of these cars by the year 2017 and all will be revealed at the Tokyo car show. The Tokyo Motor Show will start on November 23rd when all will be revealed.

More reading… “Air Liquide, together with its partners of the “H2 Mobility” initiative, has signed a term- sheet agreement to implement a major action plan for the construction of a

hydrogen fuel cell car

How the Hydrogen technology will work

nationwide hydrogen-filling-station network in Germany. By 2023, the current German network of 15 Hydrogen Cell car filling stations will be expanded to about 400 hydrogen stations covering the whole country. The overall investment by all partners will be around €350 million”… http://www.windpowerengineering.com/policy/environmental/germans-dreaming-fuel-cells-already-15-h2-stations/

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