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Nissan leaf hybrid battery very similar to the broken Toyota Lithium-Ion battery


Cars are a lot more complicated than they used to be with less modular designs and more technology under the hood. That makes repairs more difficult and expensive, and then you figure in […]


This is a great story about a Hybrid Battery that went wrong?

The battery was showing certain error codes and the local Toyota dealer wanted to fit a new battery costing????

Worth a read yourself.


Lithium-Ion hybrid battery repairs?

When I first saw this article from the “geek” web site, it made me cringe. I thought here we go again, a main dealer trying to “rip off” a poor customer. Over the years I have known some really bad stories from our customers that were taken for a ride by the main dealer (franchise) garage from where they bought their car.

The common one that still goes on is the letter that the main dealer sends to a customer, telling them that their car servicing is now due and failure to have it serviced, will affect the cars warranty. I know this still goes on because my son has received such a letter from the local Toyota dealer, from where he bought his Yaris. When he told them that we owned our own service centre and the car would be serviced there. The Toyota service guy then went onto explain to my son that it would invalidate his warranty terms, (a load of rubbish).

Anyway I am going off the point slightly? When I thought about this problem I think that the Franchise dealership was probably right in this case. This is also the first time that I have come across a motorist having a “broken” Lithium-Ion battery. I must admit that although we do sell many batteries for cars, then we have not yet gone into the replacement EV car battery market and are sticking to the century old lead acid batteries, where we know our limits.

We do service hybrid cars, but the full EV’s are still under the control of the franchise dealers. At the moment I am quite happy about this, because we do not yet have enough knowledge about these types of Hybrid Battery at the moment, although I am trying to learn as much as I can.

At first Lithium-Ion car batteries spelled danger to me

The first thing that alarmed me about the thought of a regular DIY motorist stripping down his Lithium-Ion battery, to repair it, made me shudder. My head was so full of stories, about these types of Hybrid Battery causing major fires in aircraft and more recently the upgraded packaging laws that were needed to ship these batteries about, making them appear less than safe.

I know that we must take safety precautions in many things involving cars, but as a garage owner though, I had forgotten about the dangers of the petrol engine, in fact I almost burned down my own house when I was young and foolish whilst trying to make my Mini go faster. My parents lived in an upside down house, with the garage situated underneath the living

lithium-ion batteries

Electric car EV, charging up at a roadside charging station.

quarters. I had done a few modifications, to the Mini’s engine and not cleaned up the unburned fuel from the engine unit. When I fired the car up, the whole lot ignited and I ran out of the garage screaming “Fire, Fire”.

The fire brigade were called out and they put the fire out, before the house burned down. Another lesson from that was to buy my own fire extinguisher, in case there was ever a next time. Petrol engine fires cause many fires in cars but we forget about this and the new Lithium-Ion car batteries are probably just as safe or dangerous whichever way you want to look at it.

In fact lithium-Ion is most vulnerable when the battery is in the charging process. If the Hybrid Battery is overcharged, then the cells will overheat and expand becoming very hot. This overheating can lead to the battery expanding and end up igniting. One bit of knowledge that I have learned that you can use a regular water fire extinguisher to put out a fire in a lithium-ion battery.

I am not going into how a lithium-Ion battery works as I have placed a couple of good links at the end of this post for my readers to expand their brain power about the EV cars battery system. The modern EV cars that are made by say Toyota are equipped with many in built devices to prevent the batteries from being overcharged. Refinement of technologies to improve the safety of these batteries will be only a matter of time away.

As for the guy who repaired his own battery? Well I am not sure, I think that Toyota could have given him a bit more help, but I don’t know what the full conversation was, you just can’t deal with some of these customers, and that could have been the problem in this case?

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