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How to Check Car Battery

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels.

It’s important to regularly check the electrolyte (it really isn’t just water) level in your car’s battery, for two reasons: first, because it naturally evaporates and second, because a small amount…


This is a thing that you have thought was second nature to car owners?

But it is not.

Drivers just do not know much about the How to Check Car Battery and how to check the levels and look after battery in general.

This wiki-how article explains and also shows you with graphics on how to check your battery levels.

How to Check Car Battery water levels.

The liquid that we see I our batteries is not actually water, but electrolyte. The battery is originally filled with sulphuric acid, with a specific gravity of around 12.60. A chemical action takes place when the acid enters the battery casing for the first time. This reacts with the batteries plates and turns the liquid into electrolyte.

When your car battery, is in constant use, then the level of the electrolyte falls, because of heating and condensing. This is due to the constant chemical reaction that is taking place during charging and discharging, the gases escape from the vent holes that you can see in the battery tops, and this is where the gas vents to.

Other good battery housekeeping tips include, making sure that your battery is kept in a clean condition and also clean any corrosion that may have built up on your battery terminals. This comes in the form of a white powdery substance that kind of grows on the battery terminal. This looks like a type of mold growing on the terminal. This can be done by pouring

How to Check Car Battery

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some hot water onto the effected terminal. This clears the corrosion.

When the terminals are dry you can coat them with some petroleum jelly. In the UK we have a product known as “Vaseline” a petroleum jelly that has many uses and can be used on your battery terminals to protect them from further corrosion. Also when you are topping the battery up, you should use pure distilled water and NOT tap water.

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels

This treatment can also apply to the hold down nuts and bolts that secure your battery to the car. These too can suffer from rust and acid corrosion. The same treatment as the terminals will keep them clean and the nuts or bolts will be easier to remove for if you have to change or remove your battery for any reason.

In more recent times the car battery has become sealed and the motorist cannot get to the battery compartments, simply because they are sealed and have no caps. These are known as maintenance free batteries or “MF”. These batteries have plates that are made of lead alloys and not pure lead. It was found that these types of batteries do not gas as much and therefor do not lose any electrolyte, when in use.

These batteries are sealed but have a pressure release valve fitted. Unlike the AGM battery these batteries are not 100% sealed and should still be fitted in the normal upright position.

This battery, along with other modification became the standard type of battery for use on most cars today, but many of the other type of car batteries still exist on today’s cars. The same though applies to the terminals, Battery Terminal Clamps and the battery casing. It is important to keep these clean and free of any corrosion of the terminals. It is just that you will not have to check the levels?

How to Check Car Battery Water Levels

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