Dangerous Part-Worn Tyres

How Old Are Your Tyres? Check the Made By Date They May Be Older Than You Think ?

How Old Are Your Tyres

How Old Are Your Tyres;This tyre was bought as a part worn and is 19 years old (twenty now)

How Old Are Your Tyres

How Old Are Your Tyres? Check the Born-On Date

Tyres are just about the most important part of your car.


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Great tyres advice

This is a great piece of advice. Hence, from the popular web site popular mechanics blog. Old ones should be replaced even though they may not be worn out. many tyres. Especially on

How Old Are Your Tyres

How Old Are Your Tyres;This caravans tyres were well out of date before they exploded

caravans have good tread but suffer cracking on the bead area . Hence, this is due to aging. Of course, the age is located on the side wall of every tyre. Hence, you should know just how Old Are Your Tyres are . Of course, by a tyre date indicator,the one in the picture says 3011.

This tyre in the picture was made on the 30th week and 11 means the year of manufacture 2011 so it was made in the 30th week of 2011 and so was 2 years old at the end of February 2013, well in date. The bead cracking on Touring Caravans tyres is due to the rays of the sun, which break down the carbon black that is part of the tyre  compound mix.

This is more of  a problem when the caravan or motor-home has been stood on a site for a long time. When i was younger my wife and i lived on a mobile home whilst our house was being built. The part worn tyres were the small trailer type  400×8 was the size. Everything was fine until we started to move the caravan, when we sold it on. Then both of them shredded into pieces. On close examination we found that the tyres had deep cracking round the bead area, due to the effects of the sun.

How Old Are Your Tyres

There is also another problem that is starting to raise its ugly head and that is that the second hand tyre dealers are not interested in How Old Are Your Tyres are that they sell to you, this is just another part of their scam.

They want you to believe that the old worthless tyres that they  are selling you are every bit as good as a brand new tyre, but please do not believe them politely move on to a reputable tyre dealer and buy a safe new tyre, you will be surprised how little difference that there is in the price, and you and your family will be safe, driving on a brand new tyre. The Michelin tyre in the image was 19 years old and had just been bought before the MOT test. The guy changed it with us for a new tyre and we damaged the tyre before scrapping it, just to make sure that it did not make its way onto the chain again.

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