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Had a wheel alignment done on your car- shouldn’t the steering wheel be straight?

Had a wheel alignment done on your car

steering wheel straight

Had a wheel alignment done on your car

So, as cars are getting more sophisticated then so are the steering systems. Including the need to keep your steering geometry up to scratch. If your alignment is out then your tyres are not working correctly. Significantly, your tyres are fighting against the road surface. Importantly, this is because it can also affect your fuel consumption.

Also we all know that towing in or towing out will scrub off your tyres. Especially more important if you are buying a set of new tyres. Younger drivers have been brought up on accepting that their wheel alignment is important. Consequently, they will ask for the alignment service when they have new tyres fitted. Often asking us to have it done !

A few years ago it was up to us to try and sell the service.

So, this acceptance from our customers has been the driving force behind me buying the most up to date equipment ! Especially, now that many cars are requiring all the 4 wheels aligned. BMW’s spring to mind. Most BMW’s need a 4 wheel alignment. Because of this then we have installed a brand new alignment system.

In the past then I rejected the idea ! Because the 4 wheel alignment machine had to be fitted to its own ramp. This restricted the amount of cars that we could work on ! However after a reshuffle of the whole bay then we were able to fit a new ramp. All our bays are now fitted with ramps making this much easier. So, our new tracking machine now sits on its own ramp. Thus offering a new better service for carrying out wheel alignments.

Steering wheel must be straight

Finally it is important to make sure that your steering wheel is straight after a wheel alignment has been carried out ?

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Yes if your service center is doing a good job it should be straight when your going straight, on occasion if the crown in the road is excessive the wheel my be off a little. If  the wheel is off t…

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