Goodyear Wrangler- tyres from the Wrangler to NASCAR Racing

Goodyear Wrangler

Goodyear Wrangler

Time for new rubber. I want tires made in the U.S. My Michelins have cracked side walls so I won’t be getting those. Looking at Goodyear Wrangler or.


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

So, in my experience the Michelin tyres were very likely to eventually crack open in the bead area. Because they last longer than most other tyres then they become more exposed to the sun. Thus causing them  to develop surface cracking. Subsequently, these Michelin tyres are over six years old. Of course in any case then this is the time limit when you should replace them. Of course, no matter how much tread the that you have left. Naturally, the suns rays will cause the tyres to crack. Due to the reaction with the carbon black. Hence, one of the key substances that is in the compound that makes the tyres.

However I think that the Goodyear Wrangler is a good choice of tyre  for the off road vehicles.

goodyear wrangler tyres

The very popular Goodyear Wrangler

Update Goodyear NASCAR tyres create a different problem.

Goodyear tyres have been behaving strangely for the NASCAR drivers. Especially in the hot weather races. Goodyear’s have been acting normal during normal driving from the start. Giving excellent grip as normal ! But has the day begins to heat up the tyres start to loose their grip.

On the other hand though the tyres are expected to grip much better in the night time part of the racing. This to me is just normal compound development and you just cannot have the same gripping in hot conditions as you do in cooler conditions, like the night time part of the race, this is all part of why the NASCAR races are so interesting.

Driver Greg Biffle says…

“We haven’t seen a whole lot of difference in the tire drive,” Biffle said. “It seems to be consistent and have pretty good grip taking off. When it was hot and slick in the middle of the day it wasn’t very good but as it cools off and we are racing here at night so I think it will be a good tire. We haven’t seen a whole lot of changes in our setup and what not with this tire. It seems to be a little more free but other than that it seems to be pretty good.”

Johnson felt that “passing is really tough”. He expects it to be even more difficult on Saturday. Although the groove widened throughout the course of the race,

Goodyear Wrangler a World brand in motorsport,including Off Roading Johnson feels that what lines the drivers choose on restarts will dictate their progress.

“I hope that’s a good sign for the race and that we’ll have side-by-side racing and an outside lane working in,” Johnson added. “But track position, being in the right lane and then that pit stall pick; those are really important here because it’s just tough to complete a pass.”

His Hendrick Motorsports teammate Jeff Gordon, who will share the front row with Brad Keselowski when the Cup cars take the green, also found the combination of the track condition and tyres curious during both practice and qualifying.

Eric Roberts..

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