Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre-another great Goodyear product

Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre;Goodyear has launched its new tyre,the Goodyear Efficient Grip.

Eric Roberts from Pellon Tyre and Autocentre is very impressed with the new product. Which is the latest from Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre long line of excellent products. Eric started out in his 35 year career working for Goodyears retail side. Consequently, has first hand experience in dealing with their extensive products range. Indeed Eric was selected to attend a six week managment training

Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre

Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre;Goodyear put in millions of $s to research and development.These racing tyres will one day benefit the normal road user

coarse at their Birmingham Wolverhampton tyre plant.

Our coarse took in diverse subjects including all aspects of tyre designs. This included a regular visits to the tyre factory. Followed by classroom lectures about tyre design and related occurring problems when fitted to the actual vehicles.
Eric also had to solve problems in brain storming sessions. These were videoed and later pulled apart in the lecture room. This was to give the participants confidence for future assignments. That Goodyear were planning for certain individuals. Indeed Eric was later interviewed for a retail role that would have taken him to Australia. The giant tyre company were very disappointed when Eric had to turn the job down because of personnel reasons.

Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre

Goodyear started out making one of the first steel radial tyres the G8. 
The next generation tyre from Goodyear was the G800+s this tyre had teething problems but these were overcome and the companies Car Tyres regained its reputation as a world leader in tyre manufacturing . This was followed by many other tyre types all with improvements in tyre tread design, indeed Goodyear were the first to bestow the advantages of tread patterns that combat aquaplaning.

Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre.

Aquaplaning, is the tiny lair of water that forms between the tyre tread and the road surface. Therefore, causing a driver to lose control of his vehicle in very wet driving conditions. Goodyear NCT range were designed to combat aquaplaning with a massive extensive advertising campaign, Goodyear were the leaders in World tyre sales.

The latest arrival to Goodyears innovations is the new Goodyear Efficient Grip tyre.

Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre

Goodyear Tyres Efficient Grip Tyre

Consequently,resulting with low emission greener cars in mind, cars like the new Renault electric vehicle , that require a tyre with much lower rolling resistance. Goodyear Efficient Grip Review have managed this by make this tyre a lot lighter. The objective,has been achieved by using lighter plastic materials in the construction. Thus reducing the weight by 10%, also they have added a new material into the compound creating less heat generation and therefore reducing a lower rolling resistance and better performance. Goodyear Car Tyres  can be bought online at