New Concept Tyres;Goodyear Tyres presents battery-charging, shape-shifting tyres at Geneva show –

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Although just concept products at this point in time, Goodyear Tyres & Rubber believes two New Concept Tyres it unveiled at this week’s Geneva Motor Show hold potential to radically change the role car tyre…


They have always been one of the worlds innovative tyre companies. The concept of making electricity from your  wheels is nothing new.

As the tyre rotates an electric charge is generated, through the tyre flexing. The only problem in my opinion is how do you collect this generated  electricity to charge the cars battery up.

This is definitely one for the future and a challenge for the first tyre company to up with the goods. As my blog readers will know , I have always been a great fan of the Goodyear tyre company and I am convinced that inventions like these will help them through tough times ahead in the tyre industry and in connection with the link between tyres and other new innovations within the motor industry.

Concept Tyres  Offer us a Glimpse of the Future; also new AA rated EfficientGrip tyres

Goodyear tyres made a splendid start to 2015 with the presentation of three products at the Geneva motor show.

The first product was a present day product, which was an “AA” rated summer tyre, known as the EfficientGrip tyre. This tyre is explained in my recent post…

This new tyre follows the modern trend of a lighter tyre with less rolling resistance that is made out of modern materials, in this case “silicon”

Two new concept tyres on display

Goodyear tyres also had two new concept tyres up its sleeve, to show the world that the Goodyear Company was still as innovative as ever. These tyres would help car developers to form the modern car of the future. The two new technologies are known as the BHO3 and the TRIPLE TUBE.

Concept tyres 1 the BHO3

This tyre looks at the technology to be able to convert the electricity that is generated by the heat that is produced during the rolling of the tyre, when projected forward. The electricity is generated by the action of the materials that the tyre is made of, usually man made textiles and steel belts. When the tyre flexes as it moves forward, then electricity is produced. The problem will be harnessing this electricity to help charge the electric cars battery.

Electricity can be produced from the action of the cars braking in the present electric cars and the addition of an extra charge coming from the car tyres, would be an added tyres new concept tyres

Triple Tube Concept tyres

This second concept tyre is a completely different animal and is very similar to a system that Goodyear brought out about three years ago, then given the name of “AMT” Air Maintenance Technology.

The tyre contains three internal tubes, although they look more like compartments to me, and not the tubes that spring to mind from years ago. These compartments are located beneath the tread area and the tyres shoulder area.

An electric pump, that I presume will be controlled by the cars computer, moves the air around the three chambers, adjusting the tyres to the different road conditions as the car drives along. This is supposed to help with tyre safety and make the tyre more environmentally friendly.

As a tyre guy for forty years, I fail to see what application this new tyre will be used on. We can all rejoice to the demise of the car tube , as they used to be, but the splitting of the tyres into compartments, does not look like a move forward to me, or perhaps I have got it all wrong.

The BHO3 looks like a good idea, but I can’t see how the electricity from a fast turning wheel could be transferred to help charge a battery, but then I am far from being a scientist, so who knows? I do know that tyres in the future will have to be able to transmit much more information and data than we can get now, so let’s hope it will upgrade our industry along with other technical aspects of the future cars.

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