Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant-our ‘most technologically advanced’, says Goodyear | ET Auto


The new factory will be a zero-waste-to-landfill and zero-solvent facility, and will use natural gas, energy efficient LED lighting and state-of-the-art dust ..

Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant

Tyre factories are now dust-free and almost fully automated.


Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant

Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant; news from Goodyear tyres is no real surprise.


All the leading tyre companies are relocating to a cheap labour based country. Many of the large tyre companies such as Michelin tyres have located in China and others such as Apollo tyres in to Eastern Europe. This trend has been going on for years.

In times gone by the tyres that we fitted were made in the UK. Or other parts of Europe. But as living standard became higher. The population wanted a better standard of living and higher wages. As expected, the tyre industry started to move out of countries like the UK.

The Birmingham area of the UK have been devastated by the number of car related industries moving out of the area and re-locating to other countries. This included Goodyear tyres who moved out of Wolverhampton, near Birmingham, and re-located to several other countries including now Mexico.

Tyre are not hand built any more and are less labour intensive to make, but labour is still one of their biggest costs, and so they are constantly on the move, going to places with low labour rates and to the governments who will give them the biggest grants.

I can’t blame these tyre companies and they are not the only businesses that do this, but we all need industry to survive and loyalty has been thrown out of the window?

Goodyear tyres and Dunlop tyres are now of course the same company and their tyre products are made in several European countries as well as all over the world including the new tyre plant in Mexico. The European headquarters are in Brussels and are known as; Goodyear Dunlop Tyres Europe headquarters; Europe, Middle East & Africa headquarters.

Goodyear Tyres build new Mexico plant; only Goodyear tyres presence here in the UK,

Because Goodyear have their racing tyres division in Birmingham. Thus they still have several tyre manufacturing plants across the rest of Europe including Amiens in France. For this reason,  a recent threat to close the factory ended up in the staff rioting. Consequently,  a decision was made to keep the plant open.

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