Goodyear Greener Tyres-Introducing low rolling resistance tyres-A greener direction for Goodyear

Post updated  15/2/2014

Goodyear Greener Tyres introduces crouched undulatory negative taxis tyres.


eric roberts‘s insight:
Goodyear Greener Tyres

Striving for a greener  tyre

Goodyear  are always looking for developing a much more environmental friendly product. Hence, to be used to save energy. Thus, by using alternative materials to fossil fuels. These types of products  are especially

Goodyear Greener Tyres

Goodyear have participated in motorsport for a number of years now, which is all part of their  Greener Tyres development program.

beneficial . As a result, to the new families of electric vehicles.For sale in the car market of today.

One of the main things that the Goodyear Greener Tyres company  (along with other tyre makers) is the development of the low rolling resistance ones. The latest one out now is the Goodyear Greener Tyres Efficient-Grip, which is a great improvement for the reduction of road noise and better wet grip on cornering.

This new tyre is expected to be used on the new generation of  Run-flats, to be used on electric vehicles. In my opinion the new ones will have to come in taller (overall diameter) and thinner,  a near reversal of the older trend of having them as fat as possible. Sizes like 235/35×18 may become a thing of the past on the electric and hybrid cars, reverting back to sizes like 125×15 but constructed with different materials may become common on these vehicles.

This type of tyre is the type that gave the Citroen 2CV, 60 mpg all those years ago and I am sure that this has not gone unnoticed to the Goodyear and Michelin companies. Therefore many of today’s first line tyre manufacturers are striving to make the same goal? a much more environmental tyre product.

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