Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres-for Volkswagen Golf GTI as original Equipment

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres

High performance combination has Goodyear/Hi-Q car winner feeling good On tar as well as out on the racetrack and skidpan, the pulse-racing Volkswagen Golf GTI and its Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres high performance tyres make a combination that has what it takes to…


eric roberts‘s insight:

It is truly good to see the top tyre companies such as Goodyear . Hence, testing their products before release to the public domain. Including, also during real time, as with these guys and their VW Golf GTi. Therefore, it is always a good thing to have an opinion about a product. Thus, that you know will work when it comes to buying parts for your car. Consequently, I can remember with fond memory. Of course, for the test track days that Goodyear held in Luxembourg. As a result, I have spent many happy days with other tyre company owners. Testing various Goodyear products. Including The new “excellence tyre” by Goodyear. Which is also a great tyre for the driver to  think about when it comes to the time that you need your cars tyres replacing.

Goodyear tyres dealer in the 1970s

As a tyre dealer for 40 years . I have always rated Goodyear as one of the World’s top tyre companies. Of course, even going back to the sixties and seventies. Hence, I have watched and admired for the ever improving product range. All us oldies remember the old names such as the G800 , and the Grand-Prix S, NCT just to mention a few. I worked for a company

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres

Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres

Jacki Stewart on the old NCT tyre advert

subsidiary in the early seventies and Goodyear really were one of the top tyre brands and supported many motor sport events, especially rallying. The company manufactured high quality rally car ones that were used by the top rally drivers of the time. To get more up to date they are now producing excellent performance and are used on cars like the great looking VW Golf in the picture. Many tyre companies have special relationships with car makers to have their tyres fitted such as the  Goodyear Golf GTi Tyres deal that has been recently struck.

Eric Roberts..

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