Goodyear Airless tyre technology-New Concept tyre from Goodyear to debut in early 2018

Goodyear Airless tyre technology

Goodyear Airless tyre technology

Goodyear Airless tyre technology

Michelin and Goodyear tyres are both involved with airless tyre technology . Of course, Michelin’s effort is called the  Tweel. So this is an airless tyre that has been invented by Michelin. It is designed to be used in place of traditional tyres. Subsequently, there are several features which make them an improvement on traditional tyres.

Although car tyres may be their ultimate aim. Then the plant industry looks to be the first to use these tyres.

Of course, the big advantage, will be the fact the they are puncture proof. Punctures are a big contributory factor of down time due to punctures. Both Goodyear and Michelin have been trialing plant machinery as a step towards a type of car tyre.

Other researchers have come up with an ‘adaptive’ tyre. Which can adapt itself to different weather and road conditions. No need to change your summer tyres to winter tyres. So, the concept tyres will actually adjust their tread automatically. Of course, to suit the colder conditions.

Whether you are driving on a smooth motorway, a rough gravel road. Or in sunny, snowy or wet weather. Then the tyre will recognise the conditions and elastic components. Hence, within the tread physically change the tread. In both the longitudinal and cross-rib directions.

Goodyear Airless tyre technology

Instead of tyre pressures to worry about. You have the tension between the sheer band and the spokes. Including, the strength of the spokes themselves. Different handling characteristics can be introduced. By choosing a concept tyre with different spoke tensions.

Tyre design and manufacturing is a thriving industry. Companies are always coming out with new ideas. Researchers are always working to come up with the next big thing in tyres. With inventions such as the Goodyear tyre. Punctures will be a thing of the past. So,the adaptive tyre means the same tyre is suitable for different weathers. Including off/road and different terrains. So all that remains is to conquer tread wear!

It will be interesting to see how these concept tyres evolve in the near future. However I am still not convinced as to their suitability for use on cars?

Eric Roberts

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