Get Your Tyre Size Right-What Do Tyre Sizes Mean-How To Read A Tyre Label

Get Your Tyre Size Right

Get Your Tyre Size Right

Get Your Tyre Size Right

With the advent of the internet. Hence it is even more important to get your tyre size right?

What I mean is, that most drivers who call into my tyre depot in Halifax UK, do not know their tyre size. Of course, some people have learned to do this and get it correct.

The problem comes when we have to order tyres from the internet, online. I must admit, that about 50/50 get it right or wrong, whichever way you look at this. As a result of this we always check the tyre size ourselves.Especially, the larger models of cars and SUV’s. Some cars have even got two tyre sizes fitted. The fronts are different to the rears.

However, videos like this one do explain about what to look for. Especially if you are buying online.

Eric Roberts.

Source: What Do Tyre Sizes Mean: How To Read A Tyre Label