Garage Training-Rathbone Training | Garage receives award for nurturing its apprentices

Garage Training

Garage TrainingPellon Tyre and Auto Centre has received the National Apprenticeship Week Employer award for engaging six young people in apprenticeship training and employment

Garage Training

I must admit that I was Highly delighted, when I heard the good news from my manageress Debby Bastow, the one on the left? Training staff is by no means easy when you have to run a busy garage. However, with help from Rathbone training. Hence ,we managed to fit the training in between jobs. Of course, you also require some keen members of staff.

In this respect, I am very proud in way that all my staff have performed and are so keen to expand their knowledge. Naturally, it has not always been plain sailing. However, with the help of Rathbones, we have always pulled our staff through. These guys are all young and have to cope with other problems that we all associate with young people.

Our main training guy is Adrian Milner, Motor Vehicle Tutor for Rathbone Training. Adrian says “I have worked with Pellon for several years and the relationship with Rathbone Training has secured dedicated staff for the business that have all benefited from progressive training. Our work with them has also allowed the company to continue to develop and gain a good return on investment.”

Therefore, it is no surprise, that we as a company are doing very well. Accordingly, in my opinion then the well being of your staff are in the top three of your successful business priorities. Consequently, your staff are the beating heart and soul of any business. Accordingly, the staff should be rewarded at every opportunity. Small financial rewards and even by just saying “how well they have done” is always a good thing.Especially, coming from the manager or boss.

Eric Roberts and “well done to my staff and for the help of Rathbones in the Yorkshire area.

Source: Rathbone Training | Garage receives award for nurturing its apprentices