6-month MOT exemptions Ending-will be ending on 1 August –

6-month MOT exemptions Ending

6-month MOT exemptions Ending

There is no doubt that this is great news for ourselves and thousands of garages throughout the UK. So, over the years we have structured our garage businesses around the MOT testing system that we all  know now. MOT Testing protects millions of drivers by making sure that the majority of vehicles are kept up to a certain standard.

Thus making them roadworthy and fit for driving. At the same time keeping other drivers safe. Importantly, this dreaded “Coronavirus” put a temporary stop to testing. Giving drivers a bit of a leeway when it came to having their cars and vans tested.

I did not agree !

Of course as a garage owner I did not agree with this decision. In my opinion it was just playing about on the edges, when it came to restricting people to stay indoors. Thoughtfully, the original decision was so that key worker would not have to bother having a test until a later date! Also people who were in lockdown could do the same and not worry about going out just to get their vehicles MOT tested.

Fortunately, we have a certain type of person in the UK. Who always wants to live their lives accordingly. In other words if the car needs a test then they will have it tested. These were the people who helped us keep on a skeleton staff. Including one of our testers Dale Linton.

So over the past weeks and months we have furloughed some of our staff. However because of the support of our customers and steady increase in MOT tests we have almost returned to a full staffing level. Now that we have received this good news about full testing resuming on the 1st August then we will all be back at work.

Eric Roberts

eric roberts

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