Fuel Thefts Halifax UK-Thieves are drilling holes in petrol tanks to steal fuel – Pellon Tyre and Autocentre

Fuel Thefts Halifax UK

Fuel Thefts Halifax UK

Fuel Thefts Halifax UK

Firstly, I just could not believe my ears when my depot manager, Debby Bastow first told me this story ! Firstly, I did not even know that car manufacturers were fitting “plastic” fuel tanks . Secondly, I was astonished to find out that thieves were drilling the plastic tanks and stealing the cars fuel.

How low can you get! This was first brought to our attention when a lady customer could smell fuel when going to her car. Subsequently, she found that her sill was also damaged and a there was a patch of fuel from underneath the car.

Been local she was just about able to drive the car into us with the fuel left in the fuel pipes. Fortunately, for her we are able to weld the plastic tanks using a special method. So, the cost of this job is about £300 to £400 depending on the make and model of the car.

Fuel stealing becoming more common

Of course, this is not the only case that we have had to deal with. So, a gentleman customer had the same problem. After fetching the car in the guy did not want the drill hole fixing ! the other alternative is a new tank. He wanted to put this through his insurance. Afterwards he realised that he would have to pay the excess. However, it would not have been worth it. So he decided to pay for the job out of his own pocket.

Because, he had notified the insurance company then he was told that his premiums would go up the following year ! how bizarre ! The reason being, is that all though he did not claim, he had contacted them about the petrol tank. So this trigger was enough to warrant the insurance company putting up the guys insurance.

Of course this is a lesson to be learned. Do not contact your insurance company unless you think it will be worth a claim. Work out your no claims and excess before even contacting them.

Eric Roberts

Van Wheel Alignment Including Suspension    Source: Thieves are drilling holes in petrol tanks to steal fuel – Wales Online