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Fuel Gauge Showing Empty

Fuel Gauge Showing EmptyGet the facts before gambling on an “empty” tank.

Fuel Gauge Showing Empty

This is a situation that we have all found ourselves in. So as drivers, we have all left our fuel tank down to empty. Hence, some drivers, such as my brother in law, make this an exact science. For this reason, these people know exactly how far they can drive. Consequently, with the fuel gauge on the empty mark.

I am at the opposite scale. Therefore, I have to have a good half tank of fuel at all times. Of course, some drivers are not as well off as others? I have been at the filling station many a time and seen people just putting the minimum of say £10’s worth of fuel in their cars. Nothing wrong with that, but your tank must be empty for most of the time.

This article has a proper graphic. Thus, showing how much gas many car models have left. Of course, when the fuel gauge is showing empty. Then this article is certainly worth a read.

Eric Roberts

Source: What Your Car’s Low Gas Light Really Means | Mental Floss