Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem-What happens when your Timing Belt Breaks

Post Updated 31st Dec 2013

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem;Your Car Timing belt must be changed when recommended

When we carry out routine services we always check the changing times for timing belts, and inform the customer if the time to change will be coming up in the near future. Most of

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem;Picture showing pulleys with timing belt fittedj

our customers will take notice of us and have their timing belts changed.

The reason for the need to change the timing belt is simply that the belt is made from rubber based material similar to the materials used on a conveyor belt or indeed your fan belt. The timing belt over time will start to perish and eventually break, these Timing Belt Symptoms are easy to spot. To prevent this we at Pellon Auto Centre make a note on the customers service sheet of the time or mileage that the parts require replacing. When replacing the belt we always fit a full kit and not just the belt, this should eliminate any future problems after the replacement  has been fitted.

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem;some of the damaged parts on Fiesta

The timing belt is a very accurate and precise part of your car. It is the part that allows all of the engine to work together. When the belt breaks the whole of the inside of the engine is thrown into turmoil. Some lucky people can get away with a timing belt breaking with no damage caused, and can just get away with Timing Belt Replacement, but this is extremely rare and most motorists end up with bent valves and a cylinder head job.

Ford Fiesta timing belt broke and shattered top half of engine

Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem

cylinder head ready to be re-fitted

This week we had a phone call from a distressed customer who just thought that his car had just stopped on his way back from Manchester. When the car was towed in we found that the Ford Fiesta Timing Belt Problem,was worse than we thought the belt had actually snapped off. After inspection by our then mechanic Andy Mawdsley he discovered that the timing belt breaking had caused further damage to the engine. The valves were all bent and the cylinder head needed skimming, at a specialist engine company. We also have to supply all new gaskets (we only use Unipart gaskets) and complete timing belt kit and the whole job can be quit expensive. The moral of this story is that you must change your timing belt when recommended by your service centre. Also when you buy a car with no service history you should get the timing belt changed to be on the safe side, then you are not facing a much larger bill in the future.

For further good reading about timing belts click on the link bellow.

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