Fitting Drum Brake Shoes

Fitting Drum Brake Shoes-How To Replace Drum Brake Shoes (Full) – EricTheCarGuy

Fitting Drum Brake Shoes

I admire the video work carried out by Eric. Because we have the same name, I am Eric from Pellon Autocentre Halifax UK. Brake shoes make me shudder?. Because of when I was an apprentice mechanic, many years ago. For some reason, I was given all the rotten jobs to do. Of course, fitting new brake shoes was one of those jobs.

I distinctly remember having a mental blockage when it came to refitting the fiddly little springs. These springs were holding the two shoes together. Consequently, they were shaped to fit around other small parts such as the brake cylinders. I eventually grasped the correct way to fit them. Eric makes it look easy on this video, so please watch and see what we do at Pellon Autocentre.

How To Replace Drum Brake Shoes (Full) – EricTheCarGuy
Here is a full-length version of a video that I posted some time ago, this way you can watch the entire thing in one sitting instead of switching from one video to the next. If you watch this for the first time I’m aware that sandals are not the best thing to wear when doing auto repair. Also, there IS a jack stand just out of frame in the video I just leave the floor jack in place while I work where it is so that it’s quicker to let the car down when I’m done.

Fitting Drum Brake Shoes

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