Exhaust System-is this the worse” bodge job” ever? On Seat Alhambra just to try save a little money

Exhaust System It never surprises me when I see some of the exhaust system “bodge jobs” that our customers do to keep their cars running.

Last Saturday was no exception?

We had a visit from a guy in a Blue Seat Alhambra people carrier. He asked if we could give him a price for a new exhaust system fitting. When we checked the parts out we first of all discovered that the car had its catalytic converter removed and replaced with a straight piece of exhaust pipe.

Exhaust System

Badly repaired exhaust picture one

When the car was hoisted up on the ramp, we could not believe what we saw. Alex one of my senior staff, gave me a shout, to come over and look at the old  exhaust system.

I could not believe what I was looking at. It must have taken the guy hours on his back trying to do a homemade repair to the exhaust system silencer boxes.

They were wrapped in tin foil and electrician’s tape, to try to hold the exhaust system together. I have never seen anything like it?

The general exhaust system home repair jobs are usually with old tin cans bound together with wire. Some of these jobs take the car owners hours to repair and when combined with two or three tubes of exhaust paste, don’t look a bad job.

Because, we understand that exhaust systems are not cheap these days. For this reason,  this was a real extreme job, to try to save him spending any money.

We had a small bet on that the guy would or would not buy an exhaust from us, and sure enough, the gut left the garage and never came back. We knew from our

Exhaust System

badly repaired exhaust box two

local exhaust system supplier, that the guy was going everywhere for a cheap exhaust.

To be truthful this kind of job would have been a real pain. Everything would have been seized up and the job would have needed all new exhaust brackets and exhaust studs, so I am glad that the guy moved on.

He probably still has not bought a new exhaust system, and just keeps bodging it up?

Eric Roberts

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  1. James Lebovitz
    James Lebovitz says:

    This by far is one of the worst jobs ever by someone on his or her back. There’s only one thing I would do on my back and that aint it!!!!
    Can’t this idiot find a real muffler man to do a solid, cheap, professional, and legal repair method to fix this? Please!!!
    This is an insult although not uncommon in this business. But if this person wants a trooper on his backside with sirens on for a loud system every night and day, more power to him!!

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