Easter Getaway for-Caravaners-Check Your “Caravan and Motorhome Tyres”before your journey

 Easter Getaway for-Caravaners can not stress the importance of your caravan tyres.

Us tyre experts recommend that owners of any trailer vehicles should remove the complete wheel or wheels and take them to their favourite garage or auto centre and have them checked by a professional member of the team, it is important that the wheels  are given a thorough inspection, this will ensure the safest possible

Eater Getaway for-Caravaners

Easter Getaway for-Caravaners; Scenes like this are all too familiar and many are caused by tyres problems

outcome. The most common thing found on caravan tyres is sidewall cracking. This usually only comes to light when the tyre is removed, we can flex the sidewall with the tyre removed from the wheel, and this will show the extent of the cracking. This problem is due to the effect of ultraviolet light acting on the carbon black in the makeup of the tyre when the caravan is parked and is more common in Old Michelin tyres.      This information also applies to motorhomes.

The wheels will be checked for corrosion and the tyres will be removed from the wheels and checked for internal cuts and damage, this is most important as unseen damage can become a nightmare scenario when going down a motorway at sixty mile per hour and losing complete control due to tyre failure.

Eater Getaway for-Caravaners

Easter Getaway for-Caravaners; Tyre (Photo credit: dav)

The tyre dealer will then check the outside of the for damage to the tread area and the sidewalls for cuts and cracks. Also important is to check the age of the tyre, this can be easily done by an expert fitter.Tyres do become out of date after six years and are affected by ageing in the sidewalls.
As stated above cracks start to form around the rim area due to the caravan wheels been stood in the Sun for long hours during the Summer months and eventually the carbon black, that is used in the manufacture of the caravan  tyres, starts to break down and small but deep cracks start to form around the rim area and will eventually join up to create a very dangerous hazard, indeed this is one of the most common cause for tyre blowouts on caravans and trailers. Any caravan tyres with cracks and cuts should be scrapped and replaced with a new tyre. Finally, if everything is OK the pressures and tyre valves should be checked for the correct loading of your vehicle and trailer.

Another important point is to have the vehicle loading checked on your caravan tyres,

to make sure that the wheel set up conforms to your caravan or trailers recommended weight carrying capacity. Some of the larger heavier vehicles require more heavy duty tyres to carry the extra loading, your tyre dealer will advise you on the correct fitments by advising you fit either General re-enforced or larger ply rated ones.
Tyre pressures should always be checked and adjusted when the pressures are cold before every journey. If in doubt, replace with new and correct  caravan tyres.

Now Summer is approaching is a good time to check your tyres especially in this mild weather, Beat the Bank holiday rush

Eric Roberts

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Easter Getaway for-Caravaners

Easter Getaway for-Caravaners; heavy rig having his caravan tyres checked

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