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Dunlop Rally Tyres-Rob Collard: “The tyres just fell off a cliff” – TouringCarTimes

Dunlop Rally Tyres
dunlop rally tyres

Dunlop Rally Tyres

West Surrey Racing’s Rob Collard went from second to 16th during the course of the second race of the day, struggling on the…

Source: www.touringcartimes.com

This is what can happen if you have the wrong tyres fitted?

So, it can make a hell of a lot of difference. Fitting the tyres with a different compound to you fellow competitors. As proved in the race described in the article.

In this instance they were using Dunlop rally tyres. But any make would have done the same. The tyres they were racing on had too softer compound. Thus, giving these cars a disadvantage over the cars with a harder compound.


Dunlop Rally Tyres just part of the large range of motorsport products

My interest in Dunlop rally tyresstems back to when I visited the Dunlop Competition Tyres section at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham UK. I must admit that I was most impressed with the

dunlop rally tyres

Giant Dunlop Motorsport truck on its way to Le Mans

large range and variety of racing tyres, that were produced and the giant trucks that accompanied Dunlop to the race meetings all over Europe.

Dunlop supplies the tyres for all types of cars, from the single seaters to fast GT cars. I was surprised to learn that Dunlop even produced tyre for specific circuits and not just for specific cars. Like other tyre companies Dunlop racing tyre division provides the data and the research and development that will eventually be used in their road tyres to benefit the general public.

Circuits like Le Mans in South West France

Play a big part in the development of the Dunlop tyres, where the 24 hour races have to be competitive using the tyres with the most durability and lighter tyres with less rolling resistance. These qualities are what are required in the Dunlop high performance road tyres, such as perhaps the Dunlop SportsMaxx RT road tyre. These tyres have a large outer shoulder block for increased stability and handling when hard cornering. The SportsMaxx also has a compound that was a spin off from the motorsport scene, to give the road tyre improved grip and a better braking performance.

Dunlop rally tyres

So, are made with the same expertise as the rest of the Dunlop tyre products and their results and performance put in the know how. Off course, helping to develop a better production car tyre. Consequently, Dunlop is an old hand at this and that is the reason why new comers such as Kumho tyres have learned the importance of the race circuit when it comes to

dunlop rally tyres

dunlop sport maxx

developing tyres. A season racing can aid developments and improvements that could normally take years.

Dunlop use four types of rally tyres 1= DZ86R/RW A multipurpose gravel tyre that has a directional pattern with left and right handed options offers excellent traction and lateral grip in all conditions.

2= SP85 Gravel rally tyres providing excellent traction and braking in all conditions

3= SP61 Gravel rally tyres. An open patterned tyre, giving far better traction, on slippery, wet and muddy stages.

4= SP82 Gravel rally tyres. A closed pattern tyre, used for optimised grip and traction on dry hard stages.

Dunlop rally tyres also make a product for use on the tarmac stages of a rally called the

CR311 a moulded pattern for tarmac rallying available in various compounds for all conditions. These Tarmac Rally Tyres can be cut to either intermediate or wet patterns.

Finally,  Pellon Tyre and Auto-centre offer car and van servicing and repairs to all makes of vehicles.

Eric Roberts