Driving in Winter

Different driving conditions confront us all in the autumn before Winter arrives?

Different driving conditions confront us all in the autumn

Firstly, I must admit that autumn is one of the times of year that I have grown to love. It is almost magical how the weather changes as autumn approaches. One day we have warm sunshine and then the next day we have gales.

autumn tyre

This washer bottle needs topping up before autumn

Especially from the west giving us very heavy rain fall. Of course,  this also adds to different driving conditions for you and your car. Importantly, we know that this is the end of summer and that winter will soon be here.

As a garage owner and keen driver! I also know that we must prepare our cars for autumn and winter. Helping to face whatever the weather may throw at us. Annoyingly, the first thing that I notice is the glare of the sun. Especially in the early morning and late afternoon as the day gets darker.

Screen washer never works

So, the first time this happens it always catches us out. We press the washer button and a tiny squirt of water trickles out. Worst still the last squirt comes out and smudged the entire windscreen.

If only we had checked the washer bottles and top up the screen wash bottle ?  I would have had a clear screen and not been blinded! Worryingly, driving along with one eye closed . So,trying to see the road ahead. Because of the blinding sun bringing different driving conditions with dirty windscreen.

Of course, making driving very difficult. Most of the supermarkets and fuel garages have this stuff on display. Significantly, a month before we need it. So the first lesson is to buy some screen wash with added antifreeze. Making sure that your water bottles are filled with it. I also keep some in the car boot! Because it always runs out when you least expect it to. make sure you have a reserve supply in the car (not at home).

First Icy Windscreens in autumn bring Different driving conditions.

This is also the time of year when we are most likely to have an ice covered windscreen, when setting of on a dark morning, (not much fun?). This is the where a good old fashioned ice

autumn tyre

Wiper blades need changing to combat sun dazzling

scraper comes into its own. The ones with the handles on are best, and then you won’t freeze your hands and fingers off. Once you have scrapped off the ice you should have a new tin of de-icer handy to clear away the remainder of the frost on the windscreen. Some people use their credit cards for this, but a nice new ice scraper does the job far better and so this is number two on your autumn shopping list, an ice scraper.

Dont put hot water on your screen !

Never be tempted to do what some drivers do and pour hot water onto your screen, I know that this is what some people do, and some drivers get away with it, but thousands also shatter their windscreen using this method.

Another good point to remember to help you against low sun dazzle, is to clean the inside of your cars windscreen as well as the outside, the cleaner all the windscreen is the easier it will, be to see against the autumn sun dazzle.

Change your windscreen wipers in autumn

This is also a good point to practice. Have your windscreen wiper blades changed before the onset of any bad weather and prevent windscreen smudging and poor visibility, you know this makes sense, there is nothing worse than a smudged screen and it can be a very dangerous thing to happen to you. I have had to

Different driving conditions

check your tyres tread depth

stop my car on a number of occasions in the past to clear my car windows, but now I make sure that I am better prepared.

Check your tyres in autumn

It is not rocket science to know that the onset of winter can be a disaster if your tyres are bald and have no tread left. Wet roads covered in leaves can be as dangerous as driving on black ice, so please have your tyres checked and if you do have to buy some, think about fitting winter, they are not much different to the summer tyre price these days and will give a far safer car in the bad winter weather.

Check your light bulbs at least once a week in autumn

I do realize that much of this stuff is common sense. Of course, to many drivers but how many cars do you see driving along with a light out? Whilst driving on a local motorway recently . Annoyingly,there were three cars in row with a light bulb out. This must have added more danger when facing different winter driving conditions . So it is important to check your lights at least once a week. Thus you could let your local garage check them for you.

Some bulbs are now difficult to fit for the DIY motorist. I am sure that your local garage will do this for you! Especially, if you are a regular customer. Regular garage customers will notice that most garages will not charge you. If you have to pay through the nose ! Like some of the national companies such as Halfords. Then go to a local garage they will be only too willing to help you. Importantly, with any of the checks that I have talked about.

Car batteries can be checked, but in my opinion when they go then they just go. So if you want them testing then fine, have them tested, but they tend to go when you least expect them to, they should last you three years so if your car is older than that you could expect the battery to go at any time, all the other things in this article can be prevented by a little preparation before the winter arrives in the autumn.

Finally, please have your tyres checked ? Importantly, fit winter tyres or all-weather tyres for safer winter driving.

Eric Roberts

Different driving conditions

Check your lights and fit new bulbs where required


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