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Dedicated Michelin Man Restaurant

Dedicated Michelin Man Restaurant

This London restaurant is well a look at. Furthermore, the whole interior of the dining area is dedicated to the famous Michelin man. Therefore, it makes me wonder if they are looking for a cheeky star or two?

Michelin stars are very hard to come bye.For this reason, then I have only visited a Michelin star restaurant, The “Star Inn” Harome near Helmsley  a great little market town in North Yorkshire UK. Consequently, I have also written a couple of blogs about our experiences at the Star Inn. Because I have always been interested in anything to do with Michelin tyres. Finally, you must take a look at this special restaurant. Who knows one day you may eat there?

Eric Roberts

Dining with va-va-voom.

Source: This Restaurant Is Dedicated To The Michelin Man | Londonist