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‘Dangerous’ part-worn tyres being sold – BBC News

Dangerous’ part-worn tyres

Dangerous' part-worn tyres

Dangerous’ part-worn tyres

Apart from Tyre-safes investigations, we sort of know why drivers opt to buy second-hand tyres. First of all I think its all down to ignorance and education. So, most drivers that call in or ring us up are young people. Young drivers are usually single people! Therefore like us all they would prefer to out clubbing than buy a set of decent tyres.

So, thats primarily what they do. Buying a second hand tyre for £20 means that they can afford some new cloths and also go out for the weekend. Of course we have lived in a part worn tyre world now for many generations. So if its OK for mums car then its OK for my car,is the general attitude.

Dont get me wrong many young drivers are brought up by their parents not to be buying part worn tyres! Importantly, they have been brought up with safety in mind. Frighteningly, I spend much of my time driving up and down Britains busy motorways. So, I often wonder which of those cars are fitted with possibly deadly and illegal second hand tyres.

Tyres on their second lives.

Many of these second hand tyres come from out of back street premises. The kind that you would not dare to go to. Especially if you had any sense of pride in your car. I am not a snob but there are some places that you just would not go to ?

Fortunately most motorists are very conscious about road safety.  Following TyreSafe’s recent multi-agency participation in the raid of a part worn retailer in Scotland, we are pleased to inform you BBC Scotland coverage will be available today. BBC Radio Scotland will be airing the story from 0600 hrs.

Tyresafe has become the front line against the unscrupulous people who deal in part worn tyres. This video is well worth watching if you are thinking about or indeed have bought some of these dangerous part worn tyres.

Whilst all the tyres we purchased passed the tread depth test. So, only one was stamped as ‘part-worn’ and two failed because of tread separation or slow pressure loss. Neither of which would be obvious to a consumer straight away. Our advice is that it’s always safest to buy brand new tyres. But if you are buying part-worn, make sure the tyre has been tested. Especially check the tread depth, look out for lumps and bumps and keep an eye on the tyre pressure.


A BBC Scotland investigation finds unsafe second-hand car tyres are being sold illegally at garages.

Source: ‘Dangerous’ part-worn tyres being sold – BBC News