Continental Tyres Engineers-looks at pot-hole damage to tyres- Pellon tyres-strengthen construction?

Continental Tyres Engineers

Continental Tyres Engineers

Pot-holes are an ever increasing nightmare for British road users. Continental Tyres Engineers discuss tyre construction, and explain the implications for tyres.


eric roberts‘s insight:

This Continental tyre came to an end when hitting a hole

As a result, we have the same problem here in Halifax GB. Hence, as the rest of the World. Concerning the “POT-HOLE” problems. Consequently, it now looks like Continental Tyres Engineers are taking a look at the effect these

Continental Tyres Engineers

Continental Tyres Engineers to look at damaged tyre due to a pot-hole in the road near her home

holes have on their products.

Subsequently, the tyre on the wheel in my picture . Was the victim of an Audi . Driven by one of my customers hitting a pot-hole. As a result, on a major road at speed. Resulting in  a very bad experience. Unfortunately, for the Lady. By the way the make of tyre was a  Continental. Of course, she did not blame the tyre . Especially, when I explained to her . What had caused the tyre to blowout,

Here are some facts about potholes from  the

  • Pot-holes are a major factor in causing axle & suspension failure, which counts for a third of mechanical issues on UK roads and costs British motorists an estimated £2.8 billion every year.
  • Authorities currently pay out more than £30 million in compensation claims due to poor roads
  • Road maintenance in England and Wales is underfunded by around 55%, or £1 billion every year.
  • At current maintenance levels, the average frequency for a road to be resurfaced in England is once every 54 years. In Wales it is once every 107 years.
  • If all authorities were given the budgets they need to fix their roads, it would take English authorities 12 years to catch up with the current backlog, and Welsh authorities 14 years.

Continental Tyres Engineers-Thanks  Eric Roberts..

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