Climate Change Affects Tyres-Should we change our tyres in different weather conditions?

Climate Change Affects Tyres

Climate Change Affects Tyres-In my opinion, two things have changed our tyre buying habit over the past five years?

One is our climate. We are having a spell of very wet weather from autumn right through until the end of springtime. Like many of us, I take great interest in the weather, probably as a garage owner, I am very dependent on the weather and it determines what I order for stock.

Should I buy some extra winter tyres? Or just keep summer tyres in stock? Like most things in business, it is a bit of a gamble. I usually get things right, although last winter I had a few popular sized winter tyres left over. There is no doubt about the fact that Climate Change Affects Tyres.

Climate Change Affects Tyres-winter tyres-summer tyres

Climate Change Affects Tyres-winter tyres-summer tyres

This winter has been the mildest on record according to the weather people. The truth is, though, that we still sold a lot of winter tyres at the beginning of winter. I think that drivers have become more aware now, that winter tyres are very important in the wet weather and although they are great in snow conditions, they are far safer in wet weather.

Here in the Halifax area of the UK, it is very hilly. In recent wet weather, when we have seen much flooding, the water has been cascading down the hilly roads, into the valley and river below. Many drivers, in the Halifax area, use SUV vehicles and convert their tyres on to something like the General AT tyres. These tyres give them far better grip in harsh conditions and, therefore, more safety.

Climate Change Affects Tyres

In parts of the UK that are flat, such as Lincoln then the winter is shorter and summer tyres would probably suffice for most of the year. Sometimes when the weather comes from the east, then it can bring snow. If the snow prolongs, then Climate Change Affects Tyres and I would recommend fitting winter tyres.

I know I feel much safer and confident with winter tyres fitted to my vehicle in winter and it is pleasing to know that many of my customers now feel the same.

The other thing that has affected the tyre scene in recent years is the change of vehicle design? The car market is now flooded with SUV and crossover vehicles. These vehicles have changed the whole range of tyre sizes. Car tyres have become bigger and wider. They are also made to be more fuel efficient and handle better, with a quiet driving experience.

In my opinion, this is another reason why Climate Change Affects Tyres. The tyres for these vehicles are made from softer compounds, to help give them a winter tyres eric 2smoother drive with less road noise. This makes them practically useless in bad winter weather. Tyre manufacturers have been quick to react. They can now make tyre sizes fit these types of vehicles. When it snowed badly a couple of years ago, the worse cars to cope were the big BMW, s and Audi SUV’s.

I remember these drivers panicking. The phone never stopped ringing, with these drivers wanting to fit winter tyres. When the winter tyres were fitted, then it solved the problem. This and the fact that way that Climate Change Affects Tyres, has been a big influence on recent tyre buying trends and more and more drivers are going for the safety option of fitting winter tyres in November.