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Cleaner/Greener Tyres


Cleaner/Greener Tyres

Apart from buying the right tyres for your driving style then there are other things to do to be a greener driver.

Keep within speed limits, and avoid sudden stops and starts. If you are always braking suddenly and speeding where ever you can. Consequently,these will increase your cars fuel consumption. Unfortunately, so will having your air conditioning switched on all of the time. Other simple things includes, when the car is in a parking position it makes sense to park within a shaded area. say under some trees or a port. .

Again, make sure that your tyres are above the legal limit. Correct tyre pressures are also a must for greener driving. Tyres should be working the way they are supposed to be. Ultimately you will be cutting fuel emissions. Subsequently, your car will also be safer to drive. When you do need new tyres look for the ratings and choose a make that you can trust. We recommend Nokian tyres and also General tyres made by Continental.

Try not to carry along heavy objects in the boot of your car. Of course this will lead to increased fuel consumption. Sat/navs have become a magic addition to the green motorists tool box. By following the sat/nav instructions you would be saving thousands of pounds a year.

Cleaner/Greener Tyres

Another big plus is to make sure you maintain your vehicle. Including the up-keep of the fuel and air filters. Using the right type of oil for your vehicle will also help to reduce fuel. Changing the oil regularly you will reduce wear on moving parts and your vehicle will run more efficiently.

Make sure your tyres are inflated properly and that they are maintained. Low tyre tread means that you could be driving illegally. With your tyres working the way they are supposed to be. Of course, ultimately you will be cutting fuel emissions and your car will also be safer to drive.

Not everyone amongst us can afford an energy efficient, green car. However there are ways of becoming an eco-friendly driver.Meaning  lower fuel emissions, saving money and less overall impact on the environment.

Be prepared for any journey you take. Ensure you know exactly where you are going and the most direct route to get there. use your sat/nav system if you have one.

Source: Save money and the environment with Class A tyres / Nokian Tyres