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Check Your Tyre Pressures-How It Works: Checking Tire Pressure | Driving

Check Your Tyre Pressures

Check Your Tyre Pressures

Tyre Pressures Important !

So, as all my readers know that it is extremely, important to check your tyre pressures at least once a week! Importantly, tyre pressures have more than function. Pressures are calculated by car manufactures to help the car obtain maximum performance. Of course it is not just a case of bunging any old tyre pressure into your tyres.

Best practice is to check the correct pressures in your “owners manual”. So, if you have an older car you may not have a manual. If this is the case your local tyre dealers will find out this information for you!

Correct Tyre Pressures save you fuel !

Surprisingly, drivers have little knowledge about tyre pressures and a link with your cars mileage. So, when your tyres are deflated! Then the engine has to work harder to drive the car along! So, requiring more fuel! More fuel means more emissions!

These days drivers are more aware of this than the used to be. However, it is remarkable about the number of our customers replacing tyres that have been run under-pressure.

It is really important to check your tyre pressures and tyre care in general. Fortunately, drivers who have their cars serviced at regular intervals. So, will have the tyres checked as part of the service. Although this is only probably once or twice a year. Check Your Tyre Pressures regularly and also should be carried out more often! As I say it will also save you a little money in the long run.

Finally, tyres driven at a low pressure are more likely to pick up a nail or a screw. So, I recon that 75% of puncture repairs are tyres on tyres with low tread or have run on a low tyre pressure. Recently, with the aid of TPMS. Then the cars warning light comes on when the tyre pressure is low. This is becoming more common and a regular occurrence.


Eric Roberts

Eric Roberts

The right pressure makes tires safer, more fuel-efficient and longer-lasting

Source: How It Works: Checking Tire Pressure | Driving

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