Check your Cars Winter Levels-Also -Check your Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Check your Cars Winter Levels 

Check your Winter Levels

Check your Winter Levels;Steering geometry is a very important part of your cars upkeep and maintenance. The very least you should do is to check the wheel alignment when new tyres are fitted or when the car is serviced make sure that this is part of the service and that it is carried out in a correct manner.

Check your Winter Levels to shake winter off of your car
Richmond Times Dispatch
Some garages recommend a wheel alignment — which can cost around $80 — or a tyre rotation as part of your spring maintenance.


Eric Roberts‘s insight:

Wheel alignment and a tyre rotation is good advice ?

Of course, this is good advice from the Richmond Times Dispatch article. So, as winter ends and we are approached by the spring time. Naturally, it is good sound advice to have your steering wheel geometry carried out on your car.

  • This is because most car drivers will have driven over a pothole or speed bump that was covered in snow, and would have had the tracking knocked out by the slightest impact . Most cases you would not have known and your tyres will wear away at one edge or the other, causing premature wear and in some cases affecting your cars steering and the position of your steering wheel.
  • The cost here in Halifax in West Yorkshire UK is around £29.90 for the average saloon car and tyre rotation will only be at the £20 mark. it is also worth noting that wheel alignment goes under another name here in the UK, it is also known as “tracking”.


After checking your steering geometry, it is important that you check (or have checked for you) your engine coolant levels.


  • Make sure that you have the correct level of anti-freeze for the duration of the  winter weather. It is really  important that you check  your vehicles Winter Levels. Significantly, important things  such as the engine coolant level at regular intervals.Weekly if possible. So, it’s an easy job to do. Your levels should not change significantly. of course, if you find that you are having to top the levels up. Then it is possible that you may have a leak on the cooling system. The thing is, that you never know when bad weather will affect you and your car? So Check your Winter Levels.
  • If you have a leak then it is better that you find out about it at home rather that miles away whilst driving down a motorway. loss of fluid could mean that  engine will overheat causing your engine major problems, or at least blowing your cylinder head gasket. if you are not so sure about the amount of antifreeze to put in your cars radiator filler tank, then seek advice from your local garage or Unipart Car Care centre, if you live here in the UK.
  • Also make sure that you keep your window washer bottle topped up with de-icer  screen wash. Further more there is nothing worse that a frozen windscreen. Especially, when driving along and your washer bottle and windscreen keeps freezing up. So that you cannot see a thing in front of you. The beginning of the 2014 winter has brought us the usual mixed bag of cold. Followed by mild air hitting the UK from the Atlantic.
  • We have have a mixture of conditions from warm days to freezing cold days with light snow. I am always amazed at the resilience of our drivers. Who have once again beaten our expectations, by preparing their cars so  Check your Winter Levels for the winter ahead.The drivers using winter tyres has risen year after year and i put this down to “word of mouth”advice from motorists who have experienced the value of this product in snow and ice.

Eric Roberts…

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Check your Winter Levels

Check your Winter Levels;Tyre pressure checks are also very important

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