Check Your Car-Importantly After Lock-down

Checks Every Driver Needs To Make When They Start Using Their Car After Lock-down

The nationwide lockdown imposed by the UK government to stop the spread of the Coronavirus is slowly lifting, meaning that you are now allowed to travel further to exercise, and many workplaces are reopening. 

If you’re planning on using your car again, but have left it sitting in the driveway since March, then you need to check that it is safe and running properly before you start driving. 

Here’s a list of the essential checks that you need to make before you get back in your car after the lockdown. 

Look Out For Dents And Damage

If your car has been parked on the street for months, then there is a chance that it has been damaged by passing cars or vandals. As such, you need to check that your car doesn’t have any bumps or scrapes. Minor damage can be dealt with at a later date, but serious dents to the bumpers or wheel arches need to be fixed before they cause significant damage to your vehicle. 

Check The Wing Mirrors

One of the parts of your car that is most exposed is your wing mirrors, particularly if they don’t fold inwards. Check that your wing mirrors haven’t been chipped, scratched or smashed by any passing pedestrians or speeding cars. If you notice that your wing mirrors have been damaged, then it’s crucial that you replace or fix them immediately so that you have complete visibility when you’re out on the road. You can mend your wing mirror yourself if the damage is minor; all you need to do is visit a site such as where you can find replacement wing mirrors, wing mirror glass and clip-in wing mirrors that you need to make your car safe again. Thankfully they are still open and shipping products throughout lockdown so you can ensure it arrives before you head out onto the road again. 

Make Sure You Have Enough Oil And Fuel

Neglect car servicing

It might sound like a basic part of car maintenance but now has never been a better time to check that your car has enough oil and fuel in it. Dip your tank and check your oil before you drive your car, and if you notice that you don’t have enough, then add more before you set off. You should also change the coolant water to make sure your car is safe to drive and save yourself a job later on in the year. If possible book your car in for car servicing.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Your tires can deflate if left to hold up your stationary car for many months, so check your tyre pressure before you start driving again. So, if your tyres are low on air. Then top them up at a service station. Subsequently, if they are very low or flat, then change the tyres .Ensuring that your car is controllable and safe as you go about your life after the lockdown. 

If In Doubt, Take It To A Professional

Driving a car is a big responsibility, as any mistakes you make while driving could impact on the life of yourself, your passengers and your fellow road users. As such, it’s crucial that you drive safely and that your car runs properly. Garages are still open to service vehicles, so if you notice that there is significant damage to your car, or you’re concerned about a small issue, then contact them and book an appointment. Many of them have put practices in place to keep their staff and customers safe, so check their website or call them before you attend so that you know exactly what you need to do to stay safe and get your car back on the road.

Leaving your car sat in the driveway or on the road for months can lead to deterioration and damage, so it’s vital that you check it is roadworthy before you start driving again. Use these tips to remind yourself of everything that you need to check before you get back on the road and slowly start to carry on with your life, in line with the government’s advice, of course. 

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